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  • allymarie5454 allymarie5454 Jan 7, 2009 3:16 PM Flag


    I hear it's one of the first bills he will have passed. Bad, Bad news for MO!

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    • My guess is "not in his first term" (which could easily be his only term).

      I must be making a mistake, because it seems that cigarette prices have gone DOWN (only about 30 cents a pack) lately here in Maryland. It could be company incentives or possibly the "floor tax" is finally finished being collected. In Maryland, a "floor tax" is collected on tobacco products that were purchased but not sold before the tax went up on the first of January last year. If you had 1000 cartons of cigarettes in stock 31 Dec 07, you owed an extra $10,000 in floor tax for your inventory ($1 per pack tax increase) that was payable in quarterly increments. That makes sense, because normally a retailer pays the tobacco tax at the time of purchase. There has to be a way to collect the tax increase and not let it be extra profit for the retailer.

    • The U.S. makes to much money off of the smokers in taxes, they would have to be nuts to try and screw them by raising the cost of smoking at this time with all the economic issues

    • Obama promised he would not raise taxes on people making less than $200k

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      • Obama promised many things . I for one am glad he will not keep many of them.

        [1]Raise dividend taxes to what was it ?..29%

        [2] Give everyone $1,000 from the oil companies.Then it was $500..Now it's going to be a tax cut for those with jobs and a pay check.

        [3] Fine the coal plants and raise their taxes to drive them out....If he did that the electric Co would have to past that cost onto us....Or over 1/2 of the electrical plants in the US would shut down. Then what would we do for electric ?

        Most people voted for Obama so they would get something for nothing.
        Now that we have him ,we can only hope for the best.

        Also ,if he raised the taxes on the people making the big bucks .Those people would just pass that cost on down to us ,the consumer.

        No if Obama did do what he said,he would hurt all of us in the end.

        How long could he take from the rich and give it to us?Soon there would be nobody to take it from.Then we would all be poor without any work.

        Sounds like Hitler to me.

        We can't all sell drugs....Or even do drugs and become presidents.I could be wrong ,Obama did.

    • If he signs it, highly likely, it will prove that he isn't that special. They will raise the tax and generate less revenue, and then they will propose raising it more. The cycle never ends.

    • Guess he will pay for his cigarettes with our tax money, huh? Smoke em buddy--

    • Thanks,I was just ready to buy this.

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