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  • lo_biff lo_biff Aug 15, 2009 6:34 AM Flag

    Sarah Palin in 2012


    you can find stupid loud mouth trollops like Palin in every dive bar in every community across the country

    opinionated, usually with a fight just about to break out around them

    self righteous liars without a conscience

    there is an even more descriptive word than trollop for her...and the GOP has turned her in to the nitwits heroine

    how much furthur is the republican party going to sink?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Best thing for the Dems in 2012--run this bimbo again. This is the Republican idea of a woman, shrill, lying, all show, no go, running a state which sucks the life out of the ground in the form of free oil, never has to tax the constituency, and in Federal office, will print money as the solution that makes Obama look like a piker.

      I'll pass again on the bitch from nowhere.

      But let her run, we need an easy win during the Depression of 2009-2017

    • vermie <<The republicans always whine that they get unfair treament, when the opposite is the case.>>


      Vermie will RUN away with his TAIL Between his legs and Never POST ANY credible FACTS to back up this Pathetic claim....Just Watch this Hyena Dodge...Dodge...Dodge!

    • <<<<The republicans always whine that they get unfair treament, when the opposite is the case.>>>>>>

      Notice how the Beachchair, Cowpaddy, and HappyWhig scurry into their respective abodes? No answer from the GOPedophiles.

      Notice that none of these fine specimens responded or commented on how the GOPedophiles interfered with the last wishes of Terri Schiavo?

      I completely discount the 'rodentess'.

    • About as far , almost, as your Demo candidate for President, John Edwards!!!!

    • You guys are just p#ssed because Sarah, by just a line in her face book, orchestrated the deletion of a piece of the
      dems 'destruction of health insurance' bill,
      It just shows the power of her opinions. She spotlighted the 'death panel' portion of the bill, followed by the liberal press ridiculing her as usual, followed by Senator Grassley's 'pull the plug on grandma' statement, followed just a few days later by the deletion of the provision from the bill, Pretty hilarious actually, and now both of your
      Grandmas will be safe from the 'death panel', all thanks to Sarah Palin.

    • <<<<<<how much furthur is the republican party going to sink?>>>>

      Come to Texas. The state crawls with Sarah Palins... they are called by two names.... both mean the same.... an East Texas hooker or a Cheerleader mom.

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