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  • pumpdy_dumpy03 pumpdy_dumpy03 Oct 26, 2009 10:30 PM Flag

    Yes indeed,Nobama DID inhale

    ...he even used a bit of COKE!

    Do we have a drug-addled brain at the controls of the biggest military in the world?

    No wonder it takes him a long time to make a decision on the Afghan war.

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    • First, I don't agree with the findings which that report has discovered.

      Second, who cares!

    • Verm, you must realize that you're posting informtion that's aimed at a limited audience that consists of three or four people.

      You are preaching to the converted.

    • I do you a favor and get you a list of articles for you. I'm busy and in all fairness I'll pull from known schools. The university of Madrid is currently doing a study with cannabis and late term brain cancer patients.

    • Your MO's top lawyer? Right!!! I'm the king of England.

    • I suggest you look beyond the first page. look for peer review studies. If you really want I'll take some time to find s few studies for you. Ive league schools, European universities, Public schools. take your pick. There are current studies with cannabis, with human subjects which show promise in inhibiting cancer growth. Open your mind just a little and you might bve surprised. Are you sceptical because some multnational pharmasutical firm isn't selling it?

    • Very simple; Go to google, type in cannabis medical research. You'll be reading all night.

    • Listen rat turd. There is plenty of evidence out there. I see no reason to feed your infantile intellect. Your dead on, I nothing better to do than to make up lies to feed your neurosis. If you are really interested in the topic, talk to experts in the medical and legal professions. Quit parroting an outdated goverment bullsh*t from decades ago.

    • Just an observation. You haven't posted any studies backing your position. I will take a neurologist's opinion on marijauna over yours any day. All things in moderation is my belief. Also from your posts it's obvious you haven't done any research into the pros and cons of marijuana use. I'm guessing here but being on this investment board, you own some of it's stock. A company that sells a recreational drug with no known medicinal properties. It surprises me you are so against marijauna

    • I am not going to spoon feed research to you. Go online and look up the studies yourself. Eighteen states have legalized marijauna for medical use. They would not have done so without sufficent proof. I personally have witnessed people die from alcohol use and abuse.I know several law enforcement officers and to a person they would rather deal with a stoner than a drunk. There has not been a recorded death to a marijauna overdose. It's not possible. It's legality is a simple issue of politics. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol and it won't with marijuana. It's only enriching criminals.

    • Interesting position you have. Alcohol does have some medical uses and benefits. It also contributes to thousands of deaths each year and billions of dollars a year in medical costs. It has profound adverse effects on the mental health of it's abusers. Medical research has proven that marijuana has medical use. it known to be nonlethal. people I know in the legal and medical professions believe that alcohol is a more dangerous drug than marijauna. I see no sound reason to have a drug as alcohol legal while marijauna is illegal.

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