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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 25, 2009 3:35 AM Flag

    Cheney Bells!

    Dashing Through the Dunes
    In a broken down HUMVee
    Blasting Arab goons
    All gunned down with glee!

    Revealing sticky bombs
    on the back of your TV
    What a blast it is to watch
    If they'd let us
    They won't--see?

    That's the plan
    To take you down with me---
    Oh what fun it is to kill
    Arabs on TV

    Sticky bombs, sweaty palms
    hidden IED
    Oh what fun
    to bring your
    in a box with glee!

    That's the plan
    To take you down with me---
    Oh what fun is is to kill
    Arabs on T.V.

    ===================================================== ======================
    We haven't won a conflict since WWII 1945.

    Maybe your GOD is trying to tell you something.
    ===================================================== ======================
    Lock your doors.

    Cling to your family.

    Cherish what you have.

    Help others heal.

    Cry out against injustice. it covered for today.

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    • We won the cold war with the USSR. Korea & Vietnam helped that to happen.

    • Regardless of whether he is currently dead or not, the Taliban supported him, and it is quite likely they are supporting living terrorists who want to attack our country.

      Bin Laden supported the Taliban when they ran Russia out of their country, and thus was existing in Afghan at the time 9/11 attacks were planned. But that was over 8 years ago!! We ran Al Qaeda OUT OF THERE ALREADY!! The fact the Taliban do not like us and the people in Afghan want us to leave is not justification for escalating a war against those people. How many of those people joining up to fight against us are even Taliban?

      There are a lot of Arabs who do not like the US and support terrorists. (They want our troops and our puppet government to leave their country too.) And they happen to be scattered across the whole globe, more so in Saudi than anywhere else.

      We have an idiot in charge who is not really even in charge. Remember the Republican who warned to be leary of the military industrial complex?

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