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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 1, 2010 3:46 PM Flag

    Iraq Afghanistan: A Modest Solution

    If The Jews have a God of liberation from enslavement, their mythology has no requirements you believe or practice, no converts are required. On death, you take your chances.

    If the Christians have a god of forgiveness, you go their way, or risk immortal life after death. You've got free choice and nobody bothers you, except with argumentation and dialogue, in this life. You take your chances in the next life.

    The Islamic CENTER and core beliefs are different. This is a god of mandatory obiesence in THIS life. If you even BELONG to the wrong MUSLIM sect, they KILL you in THIS life. They call it "jihad". Holy War.

    Most of that position to 1990 was talk, a huge "progressive liberal" Muslim population does not participate in Jihad, but, never forget, that's core center of those beliefs.

    When you contend with an adversary that believes in divine right desiring your death if you're not subjegated to their myth package, you're in a different world. But it's one the US has experienced before.

    Japan believed their Emperor god on earth, and were willing to sacrifice themselves to dominate the world in his name. To get their attention:
    Nagasaki and Hiroshima, a wake up call to try--something else.

    How we got here: Jewish Christain and Muslim peoples lived in the same city at peace for hundreds of years in antiquity. The non Muslims paid "dinah" or backsheesh, to keep the peace with the lead Muslim communities.

    Then came Israel. Not only did a world disguising its prejudice slam dunk a tired exhausted Jewry into the dessert, providing perennial discord with squatter Palestinian Arabs, they also provided an environment of racial pride that balked at paying "dinah".

    Take "no more bribes, thank you", add "I'll kill you if you don't believe in my version of god", and poof! you have the current boilover, with the US as the target supporting Israel self actualization and freedom. And a bunch of interventionist political crap the US responsibile for in Iraq and Iran for DECADES.

    So the solution is simple. Toss some 1-15KT nukes into the hills of Afcamestain, and Iraq, and root out the cancer we admittedly started. Barry Goldwater, Senator circa 1962, said something similar about nuking N. Vietnam. He said we were doomed to fiddle fart 52,000 American lives and 250,000 wounded, and ten years to no avail if we didn't. And sure enough, without the political stones to do the right thing,, there's no soft soaping that conflict. We LOST because we lacked the will to use nukes--again.

    There would be huge collateral damage. There may be a need to just throw nuke after nuke until we get Iran and Iraq and Afghanistanian attention.

    But if we don't, 18-36 months, we repeat the sorry end to Vietnam in the Middle East. And 70 years of occupation.

    As a visitor to the museums in Nagasaki and Hiroshima I wept at the huge collateral damage, as aging three color home movies of children wandering the streets, bodies 2/3 burnt by radiation, pictures of radiation sickness, made me sick.

    There will always be innocents that suffer. War sucks. But as a repeat business, I think the Lockheed Martins, and the Raytheons need to find another repeat business. This one isn't about business. I suggest they get into alternate energy business and government money supplements our independence from Mid East oil.

    I think it's the only answer.

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    • Different country nobrain. They are not Texans.

    • <<I am saying that there are certain actions...things that can be done on a street corner, in ANY major city, not just the north

      like verbally responding to the wrong person
      or returning a hand sign, even if it is meant as a joke or nonsense, and you will be taking your brains home with you in a plastic cup>>

      Not here in Texas. As I have pointed out previously, you yankees are nothing but fat mouth liars and hypocrites to make issue of racial problems in the south when truth be told, your relationships with each other have been and still are today, deplorable. And as stated before, what a crock of BS that you came down and fought a war in the south so to "free" the slaves and give them their civil rights.

    • <<Kansas is so f*cking retardly conservative they are letting the Tiller murderer off of the death penalty>>

      yea nobrain, Kansas is so retardly conservative that Obama grabbed their governor to be his Sec of Health and Welfare. Get real.

      <<conversly Kansas TRIED to convict Tiller of exactly what you suggest and FAILED

      I would be willing to bet that it would be easier to find a "liberal" jury in Pakistan or Texas than Kansas, and Tiller proved in court and was aquited of the things you imply>>

      Like I said, Tiller had politicians with hands in his pockets which included Sebilius and some judges. You want to bitch and moan about poor Tiller? Than look to your own crooked democratic politicians who serve their own interests at the expense of the public good.

      <<why do you do this miss piggy?
      just admit that you are against abortion PERIOD, and that you have a viscious reactionary attitude about it, and quit making stuff up about this situation>>

      I haven't made a fucking thing up. Abortion could be argued in the first trimester, even second, but third trimester abortion is infanticide and THAT is what you are arguing and defending with a bunch of sanctimonious bullshit and phony pretense of caring about women's rights when truth is, you hate women and children so much to the point you would see them butchered and dead.

      You are not only fucked up upstairs in your head, you are a very disgusting excuse of a human being and by far worse than a rapist.

    • in Detroit he could have been blown away for yelling at the wrong car, or returning a hand signal to a banger thinking it "funny"

      it is not the same as Tiller
      another specious analogy from miss piggy

      very good nobrain. just what I expected from you. There is no comparison of an anti-abortionist being killed to an abortionist being killed.

      Are you suggesting blue states are more or less rational in their murders than red states?

    • <<And how easy is it in Kansas for a pregnant woman to buy a pack of cigarettes? >>

      Vermit, you are classic beyond belief. What the heck if a mother kills her child, but shame on her if she smokes.

    • <<it is like an illness with you>>

      No, it is your fucked up thinking nobrain and lack of any moral base. Did you mourn for Saddam and his sons also? You have never made mention of the antiabortionist who was gunned down in Sept in Michigan for simply standing on a corner with a poster board. I am sure you will respond that his death was justified. Obama at least condemned it.

      <<Kansas, one of the most conservative states in the country requires TWO doctors to sign off on an abortion. so in your mind, there is a conspiracy>>

      Boy, why do you weirdos have some obsession with conspiracies? As I stated, the law requires no testing, nothing, nada, to substantiate a woman's life is in danger, which by Supreme Court ruling, was the only justification in late term abortion. You would take the opposite position for a doctor being sued for performing a major medical procedure to which he could provide zero justification as to its need. Again, you have no moral base and are simply major messed up in your thinking.

      <<ir it were three or four doctors, you would state the same>>

      Three or four doctors would be more difficult to pull off the scam of the law that Tiller was doing but the # of docs is not the issue. The issue is that nothing is required in the state of Kansas to justify late term abortions on the grounds the mother's life is in danger, other than the mere opinion of the abortion doctor and one accomplice to his crime. What I read previously on Tiller's 2nd doc, the woman worked with suspended license, stopped by the clinic, signed off on the papers without even seeing the woman, and got her cut of the fees.

      You ignore the fact that a woman whose life was truly endangered and pregnant would be hospitalized by a REAL doctor who would be working to save both lives. She would not be at an abortion clinic with a doctor untrained and unequipped to save her life. Late term abortion is nothing but murder of a baby and truth be told, that is what you really advocate nobrain. It is called infanticide.

      <<what is enough for you?>>

      It is about what is enough for you nobrain? At what point do you set aside your hatred of your fellow man and more particularly women, and allow for human life to be respected? Where do even you draw the line in killing of young children? At 1 year of age, 2 years, 3 or 4?

      <<I will answer
      when the procedure gets so bogged down, and no one get the procedure>>

      nobrain, you are not arguing about first or even second term abortion. You are arguing third term which is infanticide - the right to kill children. And what is even more fucked up about people like you is that out of the other side of your mouth, you advocate against a parent's right to spank their child.

      <<that is YOUR idea of "fair">>

      As I said before, those who live by the sword, tend to die by the sword. Tiller made his choice to be a very violent destructive man towards women and children, and he died violently. I should cry for him? Saddam was a very violent destructive man towards others, and so he died violently. They wrote their own scripts in life, not me. I should be morally indignant at their deaths? Fair could be said to occur when others do to you as you have done to others.

      <<anyone who defends the murder of Tiller is obviously nuts >>

      Well I think nuts is more applicable to one who takes such moral high ground as to the sanctify of Tiller's life while at the same time obsessively defending Tiller's right to kill babies and show zero sanctify for their lives.

    • Killing liberals is fashionable.

      Afterall, Darwin laid out the survival of the fittest theory and liberals are too wimpy to fight for freedom let alone survival.

      Time to clean up the gene pool.


    • No, see, killing Dr Tiller was morally justified."

      That is very true. Tiller murdered thousands of human beings.

      But his murder was not legally justified.

      "Hmmm...didn't Bush spend his post-9/11 prezidency ignoring the Taliban & al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan and CHOOSE to go after the Mayor of Baghdad?"

      No, that is false. Bush, unlike Soetoro, was able to fight all the fronts on the war on terror. Bush was an exceptional military strategist. He chose the battlefield and forced the enemy to fight on our terms. He liberated millions of people and defeated the enemy.

      "And wasn't his decision endorsed by the entire GOP??"

      Yes, and the liberals in Congress, as well.

      "I didn't see any conservative on this board suggesting WorstPresidentEver was even approaching wrong; au contraire, they cheerleaded & defended him."

      I beg to differ. Obama has done virtually nothing right and most normal people are embarrassed by his inept handling of foreign and domestic affairs.

      No conservative defends Soetoro. That is reserved from moonbat liberals.

    • anyone who defends the murder of Tiller is obviously nuts

      No, see, killing Dr Tiller was morally justified.

      Scott "I shot Tiller in church" Roeder was just arguing a religious point of morality. You know, like Osama bin Laden was making a point when he took took out the Twin Towers.

      The Taliban (remember them?) took out a volleyball game in Pakistan:
      "KARACHI, PAKISTAN -- A suicide bomber blew up his sport-utility vehicle in the middle of a village volleyball game in northwestern Pakistan on Friday afternoon, killing 75 people and injuring more than 100 in a community that has repeatedly defied Taliban extremists.

      Police speculated that the horrific bombing in the village of Shah Hassan Khel, in the Lakki Marwat district, was an act of reprisal against area leaders who last year formed private militias to oppose the Taliban and recently turned in a group of extremist fighters to the authorities."

      Hmmm...didn't Bush spend his post-9/11 prezidency ignoring the Taliban & al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan and CHOOSE to go after the Mayor of Baghdad? And wasn't his decision endorsed by the entire GOP??

      Repukes had their chance: I didn't see any conservative on this board suggesting WorstPresidentEver was even approaching wrong; au contraire, they cheerleaded & defended him.

      Republicans are virtual Taliban clones. Theocracy plus medieval moral outrage.

    • MO board: All turds, no waiting for the punchbowl, like patients coming down off thorazine. JEEZ thanks for all the off topic babbling about drivel. Not a single decent reply to a genuine solution portended to get the attention of terrorist groups and the nations that support them.

      No wonder the Chinese are on a glide path to eat our lunch> With them concentrating on nothing but business, and all the time US wasted babbling bullsh!t, getting responsible replies on this board is like herding flies, and that insults the flies.

      My only hope is that the wake up call the terrorists will give us, if not the Obama administration, is to catch all of you on the next to be bombed plane, which would do us all a favor.

      Replies like those to my post make you want to root for the terrorists.


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