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  • btdt100 btdt100 Apr 19, 2010 9:50 PM Flag


    <<Crackeress lies again!>>

    Retardo, you don’t fool anyone but yourself.

    <<Show me where Tiller aborted fetuses that were 9 months old. (Watch her not do it).>>

    It’s a bit hard to accept that you are oblivious to Tiller being only one of three doctors in this country that performed third trimester abortions so maybe it is just really that you are so unutterably stupid not to comprehend that third trimester means 7, 8, and 9 month old babies.

    <<Show me where I said that "9 month old fetuses" are not babies (watch her not do

    you actually called a 9 month baby a fetus in your sentence above.
    And again in this post where you state

    A fetus is not a baby, idiot. And I have the Supreme Court on my side to say I'm right.

    Now, the Supreme Court only approved abortion when the fetus is not viable outside the wound, or when the mother’s life is danger. A 7, 8, or 9 month old baby is viable outside the wound. In the very rare (and I mean very rare) cases a mother’s life is danger during the third trimester, real doctors will induce labor and take the baby early, and then care for it in the hospital until they feel it safe for the child to go home, doing all possible to save both lives. Tiller on the other hand, erroneously claimed his patient’s lives to be in danger (an obvious lie because a woman in such a state would be in a hospital, not an abortion clinic that had no facilities to deal with her grave state of potential death). Tiller induced labor just as a real OB/GYN would, but rather than move the baby to an incubator, he killed them.

    Now dumb fuck, however you play the semantic game of a fetus not being a baby, by law and by definition, a fetus is a baby at birth. And since Tiller had his mother’s first give birth to their fetuses, he was killing babies.

    And as elimootz told you and I have pointed out before, our Sec of Health and Human Service (certainly not Welfare), Kathleen Sebelius and the democratic powers in Kansas were turning their heads and ignoring what Tiller was doing, because Tiller was sharing the money he made with them.

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