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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jun 25, 2010 12:45 PM Flag

    Devastating News for Tea-Baggers and the GOP

    The GOP, siding with the Tea-Baggers and the racists in Arizona, have completely forgotten that sane America and the huge Hispanic population are both repulsed and outraged about the antics and criminal policies of GOP candidates. And the polls are showing it.

    Here in Texas, Rick Perry is tied, and falling, behind our Democratic candidate. Bad news for the GOP. However, as Hispanics and sane America leave the GOP, only the Tea-Baggers will be left in the Fox News Liars echo chamber.

    The cloven hoofed leaders of the easily led sheep of the right are going to be defeated by sane America.

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    • All the while you sit here and puke daily on this board. Go coach little league. Bore the players with your fairy tales...

    • Dream on ....real Americans know we cant support the illegals. As we all become more intuned to the Dems underlying tatics..." a more comprehensive policy" we will unite again in Nov as we have in the past and take our government back. Its sad the Iran can find 3 people wandering over its border and arrest them and also in Pakistan find a lone individual hunting for OBL, yet the USA cant secure its border. Americans need jobs..and now we need to kick all the illegals out , hire real AMericans and then see what happens. Here in California, with a 22b deficite the libs havent quite figured it out yet. There are no jobs or expansion for we are paying high social costs for those not contributing. But as teachers , police, firefighters ect are cut, the unfunded pension liabilites will spark this for the taxpayers are on the hook here.
      Get real dude and understand the big picture...

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      • <<<<<<Americans need jobs..and now we need to kick all the illegals out , hire real AMericans>>>>>>

        You're scapegoating illegals. They really don't want to be here. They are coming for jobs that we won't/can't do.

        I work with illegals, and they are repulsed by the culture, the poor schools, and the lack of respect in the family. They come here for one reason.... it sucks to live in Mexico and Latin America.

        The 'jobs" you speak of are lawn mowers, dish washers, meat cutters, glass cleaners, landscape labor, construction labor, beach clean-up. All minimum wage, no benefits, no security.

        The jobs problem is related to several issues that are difficult, and not well understood by common people. Productivity among workers is increasing, banks are still not lending money to small businesses, and corporate America is still answering to share holders and not consumers.

        Since the Reagan recessions, every recovery has created fewer and fewer jobs.
        The current job recovery is going to be long and slow, and will not reach the same number of jobs lost. Many jobs will never re-appear because of technology alone.

        What is clear is that the next recession and subsequent recessions will continue to have more jobs lost than regained.

        Americans are also becoming more and more stupid, and more and more vulnerable to economic disruption.

        It becomes very easy to blame illegals by very stupid, mostly white, and flabby-assed Americans

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