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  • lo_b1ff lo_b1ff Mar 3, 2012 10:42 PM Flag

    this free birth control issue is really disgusting

    this was never an issue till recent with well i dont need to go into detail. but the new birth control mandate. previous to this when was it in the minds to anker baybee scream "government oh government wherefore art thou government" like lil ms fluke had done last week for birth control? i mean what did she do to get them previously? or did she pull a pilo to get preggers to get tax payer abortions? after all abortions are good for your health and well being as has been recently publicized.

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    • maybe many of them already arrive there with 1 or more


      Obviously afterb1rth has never darkened the hall of a university anywhere.

      The kind of students who finish at the top of their high school class and can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to attend Georgetown do NOT "already arrive" at college with kids, retard. Apparently he thinks premed and prelaw students walk around with babies all day while they study.

      Three of my siblings actually attended Georgetown and they, like most of their classmates, were not even starting families until nearly their 30s. I koew hundreds of college kids at Duke, and not a single one had a child. (Grad students are different because by then they may be married, but even then it is rare).

    • its a catholic based school. what part of that cant you understand?


      A school is not a "church," retard. And the school both employs and admits non-Catholics, AND accepts federal dollars for tuition, health care research and more. They are not acting as a church -- they are acting as a SCHOOL and a BUSINESS.

      By your logic, a Christian Scientist school can forbid their students and employees to go to the doctor at all, and a Mu z lim hospital can refuse to let Christians get emergency medical care, while pulling in federal tax dollars.

    • and who said none of these girls never want kids? maybe many of them already arrive there with 1 or more. and wheres the gay push back on this? should tey have to pay higher premiums for products they have no need for for someone else?

    • Fluke is going for a graduate degree at Georgetown, and she wants her fellow Americans to pay for her birth contol.

      If there is any doubt this country will go bankrupt....

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