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  • al.gore22 al.gore22 Mar 15, 2012 12:14 AM Flag

    Technical trade jobs training

    go to your freaking chart and LEARN TO READ.

    It shows 70.4% of population is white. That includes hispanics who are considered "white".

    It shows 37.6% (which is included in the 70.4) are Hispanic.

    Obviously retard cannot do the math nor read the chart to grasp that the majority party in this state is hispanic.


    Ok, I"m gonna to need Verm to help me laugh at Crackeress this time.

    This is really just too stupid for words -- and, of course, she lectures ME that *I* cannot read a chart that in PLAIN ENGLISH says that Hispanics are NOT the majority.

    First of all, she originally claimed that MEXICANS were the majority, not "Hispanics." Since "Hispanics" include FAR more than just Mexicans -- it also includes people from Spain and more than TWENTY other Hispanic countries in South America and the Caribbean -- the total % of Hispanics in Texas is surely LESS than 37.6%. But leave that aside. Even if ALL of the Hispanics in Texas were Mexicans, they are still NOT the "majority" group. A "majority" means "more than half." DUH.

    Even funnier, the very chart Crackeress cannot read CLEARLY states that 45% were NON Hispanic white vs. 37.6% Hispanic.

    She is actually arguing that 37.6% is more than 45%.

    And then, sensing she has lost, she throws out the idiotic argument that huge numbers of people are lying about not being Hispanic.

    Actually, Crackeress, 100% of Texans are Chinese. They are just lying on the census so they don't get deported.


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