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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Sep 22, 2012 10:53 AM Flag

    Losing democracy the old fashioned way: GOP voter suppression

    A democracy thrives when as many people vote as possible. And conversely, it withers and dies when a party tries to suppress voters.

    In Tennessee, a new law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls explicitly excludes student IDs.

    In Wisconsin, college students are newly disallowed from using university-provided housing lists or corroboration from other students to verify their residence.

    Florida's reduction in early voting days is expected to reduce the number of young and first-time voters there.

    And Pennsylvania's voter identification bill, still on the books for now, disallows many student IDs and non-Pennsylvania driver's licenses, which means out-of-state students may be turned away at the polls.

    In 2008, youth voter turnout was higher that it had been since Vietnam, and overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. This time around, the GOP isn't counting solely on disillusionment to keep the student vote down.

    In the last two years, Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed dozens of bills that erect new barriers to voting, all targeting Democratic-leaning groups, many specifically aimed at students. The GOP's stated rationale is to fight voter fraud. But voter fraud -- and especially in-person fraud which many of these measures address -- is essentially nonexistent.

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    • We are a republic not a democracy our fore fathers gave us a better system than a Democracy.Democracies end in mob majority rule then an Oligarchy which is rule by a small group.Republics protect individual rights from majority mob rule.In Virginia to vote you need to register and at the polls all you need with you is a utility bill with your home address on it.I do think a country like ours needs an educated electorate to survive.Also a belief in credible elections.All a valid picture id will do is decrease fraud not eliminate it.In this day and age it is not too much to ask legal citizens to provide a valid photo id.If not this election then the next--It needs to be a standard for all Federal and local elections.The more faith in a legitimate election the better off we are

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    • Republicans have been attempting to undermine democracy for decades. Indeed, the conservative worldview is distinctly anti-democratic - words like egalitarian, empathy, and altruism are not just rejected; the very concepts are incompatible with modern conservatism (despite Jesus).

      Today's "conservatives" bear a striking resemblance to those beer-hall #$%$ from Germany, circa 1920s.

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      • There's too much specious, gratuitous rabble-rousing and inflammatory rhetoric in that statement to even lead to a useful discussion, but I will point out that the Liberals (but not all Democrats) since FDR have been trying to create a permanent underclass majority and one-party rule has historically led to dictatorship; that Obama has been more dictatorial than any non-war president and seeks additional gains with the permanent underclass (pilo's permanent Democrat majority); and that the only mention of anything at all like brownshirts is from Obama himself who promoted a civilian corps (NOT corpse) equally well funded as the US Army. He doesn't mention it much these days: perhaps he doesn't feel he's got the rabble with him on that one.

        I'll also add that if you go to a Republican convention, you can have any old background, but if you go to a Democrat convention and are a known conservative, you will be at risk. Thugs guarding the 'rights' of the Party-fostered underclass are clearly an outgrowth of the Liberal movement, not the Conservative. No Tea Party member has ever watched the polling booths with a nightstick in her hands.

        Finally, there have been no such events as your beer-hall putsch comment suggests, but the proper comparison of books to watch out for are Mein Kampf and Dreams from My Father. Both provide visions that should be [have been] believed and guarded against. Not enough people believed that the rationalized evil of the former would ever be enabled. The malignancy of the latter (fake anti-colonialism as a basis for Statism) behind the latter is still being soft-pedaled in major forums.

        You sad-sack suckers are so concerned that some individuals have more power, more wealth, more means, a better life than you do that you're willing to give a central committee those things to ensure we're all equal in poverty. It's sick. It's a mental disorder.

      • Today's "conservatives" bear a striking resemblance to those beer-hall #$%$ from Germany, circa 1920s.

        and today's liberals bear a striking resemblance to the guy that followed. what we can eat, what we can say...

    • every thing you point out above only proves the need to have voter ID. Out of state students? What prevents them from also voting in the state that issued their DL? Student ID's? How often do students move and what prevents them from voting in multiple wards within a large university city (like Columbus or Madison) if all they need is a fellow student to "vouch" for them or a cable bill?

      The fact that student votes were so high in 2008 is thanks to ACORN and that "vote early and often" thing. I think voter fraud is a reality. The only real possibility of detection is somebody voting as somebody else and that somebody tries to vote also (the deceased person won't unless it's Chicago). We can't/don't cross check amongst wards within a city or a state or different states.

      The technology exists (your name is on more nationwide databases than you know). Yet when it comes to voting, we don't use them...I wonder why?

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