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  • fezzywigsattitude fezzywigsattitude Sep 23, 2012 10:43 PM Flag

    Losing democracy the old fashioned way: GOP voter suppression

    We are a republic not a democracy our fore fathers gave us a better system than a Democracy.Democracies end in mob majority rule then an Oligarchy which is rule by a small group.Republics protect individual rights from majority mob rule.In Virginia to vote you need to register and at the polls all you need with you is a utility bill with your home address on it.I do think a country like ours needs an educated electorate to survive.Also a belief in credible elections.All a valid picture id will do is decrease fraud not eliminate it.In this day and age it is not too much to ask legal citizens to provide a valid photo id.If not this election then the next--It needs to be a standard for all Federal and local elections.The more faith in a legitimate election the better off we are

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