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  • wweiss59 wweiss59 Nov 14, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

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    • on youtube: Lieutenant Colonel (oh yes) "Paula Broadwell spilling secret CIA information"

      She says some things about 9/11 Benghazi that General Patraeus could not say publicly because he was head of the CIA. Really cute. Breaking news is that he has contacted the senators and will be testifying before them on Friday. This one should be really good so bring an extra large popcorn.

      So looks like the Benghazi story that will ultimately be coming out (which is but one reason Patraeus was discredited) is that the compound that was attacked was one of those secret torture prisons that are against international law that Obama has claimed were shut down. The attack was a successful recapture of some Libyan prisoners being held there. The CIA operations being conducted there also included supplying arms to Al Qaeda in Syria, and that story includes missiles that are now missing. And story continues that it was Hillary who ordered no help for Stephens. Wonder if she laughed as she did over Gaddafi murder?

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