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  • btdt100 btdt100 Nov 19, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    Vermit's Request for Serious Armenian Organization

    "Rodentess, can you find a serious Armenian organization who claims that a non-trivial fraction of the perpetrators were #$%$?"

    Here you go vermit. I do not know to get links through on this board so you will have to put forth a bit of effort vermit.

    Website is "The Armenian Weekly"

    Article Title is: A Recent Anti-Semitic Theme: The Sabbatean Role in the Armenian Genocide

    The article is quite long and goes through a number of different accounts of such as I stated. It also contains some opinions of dispute. Many references are provided so to expand your learning. I'm copying just a small piece below.

    You can say thank you.

    "Some historians have indirectly said that there might be a ‘Jewish hand’ behind the 1915 Armenian Genocide, as well as in a series of events that preceded it. It has been shown that there were a goodly number of Jewish descendants of Sabbatai Sevi among the leadership of the CUP, persons such as [Dr.] Nâzım Bey, and that they played an important role in the decision to [carry out] the deportation of 1915. There are even those who claim that ‘German-Jewish Capital’ was [the force] behind the German Militarism that manipulated the CUP during this period. The research on the subject is still inconclusive, but new claims are appearing daily. I don’t know if the Jews played an important role in [the events of] 1915, but it should be remembered that both the Jewish ‘palace’ merchants and the Armenian ‘Amira’ merchants were in competition for the Sultan’s favor, and the [two communities’] bazaar merchants were waging a momentous struggle to secure themselves contracts from the palace.

    This struggle between the[se two sides] sometimes reached the level of attempting to ‘trip each other up’ in extremely brutal fashion. And it is so written in the history books that, in one period in which Jewish influence in the Palace was great, the Sultan Abdülhamid [II] issued an imperial decree stating that “from this time onward, Armenian merchants shall not be considered for state tenders”.

    Anyway, let’s leave history to the historians and deal with the here and now.

    It appears that the word “Jewish Lobbies” has been mentioned in some way or another in connection with almost every “Armenian Genocide [Resolution]”. The Jewish Lobbies have consistently opposed the “Armenian Genocide [Resolution]s for two separate reasons.

    The first of these can be summed up thus: “The term Holocaust cannot be used for such a claim. Until now, the only people to have suffered a genocide are the Jews and the only genocide that has been recognized in international legal circles as meeting the definition of Holocaust is that perpetrated by the Germans against the Jews. All claims apart from this are attempts to cheapen the significance of this term”.

    If we were to reduce this down to one sentence, it would be:

    “Holocaust is a term that exclusively explains the genocide of the Jews, no one else has the right to use it”.

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    • If we were to reduce this down to one sentence, it would be:

      “Holocaust is a term that exclusively explains the genocide of the Jews, no one else has the right to use it”.

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