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  • al.gore22 al.gore22 Nov 19, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    A nation of part time workers thanks to Obamacare

    The latest idiocy from the Contard shout machine.

    The mandate will have a marginal impact on a very limited number of low-wage employers. Anyone with fewer than 50 employees is totally unaffected (indeed those with fewer than 25 actually get subsidies to help provide insurane), and most companies with 50 plus already provide insurance. As for the a-wipes who don't, even they won't be assessed unless they have more than 30 employees who have to buy SUBSIDIZED insurance from the public exchanges because they make too little money. An employer can have 50-plus employees, and dozens of them can be buying insurance on the public exchanges, but unless there are 31 or more who have SUBSIDIZED plans, they won't be charged anything.

    As for shifting employees to part time -- I look forward to avoid such companies and their bottom of the barrel workforces..

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