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  • happygambler34 happygambler34 Dec 17, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    Sexist, Racist Republican Pick New Senator

    Curses---Republican Native American female (ughhh) Governor appoints conservative black entrepreneur senator in Redneck racist South Carolina!!!!

    Rep. Tim Scott Named Sen. Jim DeMint's Successor

    Rep. Tim Scott reportedly has been selected by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to replace outgoing Sen. Jim DeMint.

    Scott will become the first black senator from the Palmetto State since the late 19th century, The New York Times reports.

    Scott was on a short list for candidates which included Rep. Trey Gowdy, former state Attorney General Henry McMaster, state Health and Environmental Control Department Director Catherine Templeton and former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford.

    The official announcement will be made at 12 noon.

    DeMint had been pushing for Scott — a conservative — to replace him after he quits politics next month to take over the Heritage Foundation.

    “As a poor kid growing up in a single-parent household in North Charleston, S.C., I felt like I didn’t have much going for me,” Scott, 47, said in a speech at the Republican convention this summer.

    “I did have a mom who believed in tough love . . . and a small-business owner, who was my mentor, who taught me I could think my way out of poverty.”

    Scott, who owns an insurance company, previously served one term in the South Carolina General Assembly and 13 years on the Charleston County Council. He is a graduate of Charleston Southern University.

    In 2008, he ran for the seat of retiring incumbent Republican State Representative Tom Dantzler.

    Scott has been steadfastly critical of Obamacare.

    “While health care reform is needed in order to reduce costs, increase coverage, and improve quality of care, a government takeover of the health care system is the wrong prescription at the wrong time,’’ he said.

    “We cannot allow the federal government to control one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Even more importantly, we cannot allow government bureaucrats to make health care decisions that should be made by doctors and patients.’’’

    Early in his career, Scott pitched a battle for religious freedom when, in 1997, he supported having the Ten Commandments posted outside the Charleston County Council chambers. The posting of the commandments was later ruled as unconstitutional.

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    • You r truly a sick #$%$

    • New York Times: "Scott will become the first black senator from the Palmetto State since the late 19th century."

      Cumgobbler (trying to be sarcastic): "in Redneck racist South Carolina!!!!"

      First of all, our favorite lying Cumgobbler got it WRONG, as usual. Scott would be the first black Senator EVER in South Carolina's entire history.

      What the NY Times actually said is that the ENTIRE SOUTH has not elected a black person as Senator since the 19th century -- since 1875, to be exact. And that was only because of Reconstruction -- he was elected because Federal troops were occupying the South and protecting blacks. Since then, ZERO blacks elected in 137 years and counting (Scott was not elected), despite several Southern states being as much as one-third black.

      Even funnier, our favorite Cumgobbler is amazed that a state that has NEVER elected a black person to the Senate (and still hasn't), AND that still flies the Confederate flag at the state capitol, AND that repeatedly elected a Senator who raped his own black maid (Strom Thurmond), would ever be considered "racist."

      Funniest of all -- the ENTIRE CONTARD PARTY has not elected a black Senator from ANY state in -- get this -- 34 YEARS!!

      Oh, there NOTHING you can't get completely wrong? Baaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • 1 Reply to al.gore22
      • Funniest of all -- the ENTIRE CONTARD PARTY has not elected a black Senator from ANY state in -- get this -- 34 YEARS!!


        Actually, it's even worse than I described. While the Contards have not HAD a black Senator for 34 years (since Jan 3, 1979, when Edward Brooke of MA gave up his seat after a scandal-filled electoral loss), Brooke actually was last ELECTED in 1972. Thus the Contards have not elected ANY black Senators for more than FORTY years.

        Of course, that has nothing to do with being racist, as Cumgobbler will assure you. Baaaaa ha ha ha ha ha.

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