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  • greedyoilbastards greedyoilbastards Jan 18, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    “What drugs was (school shooter) Adam Peter Lanza on?”


    “What drugs was (school shooter) Adam Peter Lanza on?”

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    • Adam Lanza’s uncle is reported as saying he was taking an anti-psychotic drug called Fanapt.
      Fanapt can cause suicidal thoughts and affect judgment according to product warnings by drug manufacturer Novartis.

      Find the warnings on Fanapt greedy. They are even uglier than the anti-depressants you copied. It as well has a very ugly history getting approval by the FDA which is a major bad sign considering the FDA serves the drug companies, not the public. And whenever you see suicide or suicidal as a side affect, know that homicide or homicidal goes right there as well - flight or fight response is one. Drug companies fight putting that in because of legal liabilities. They did settle with the parents of the Columbine shooter to the tune of six million.

      The problem with Sandy Hook is it is being propagandized, information intentionally misstated, misrepresented, all for the purposes of getting their desired legislation through for gun control. Very hard to figure out what is really fact and what fiction. From what I can deem at this point, the AR-15 rifle was in Lanza's car trunk - as found by the police. If he in fact shot kids, he did so with pistols. Questions to that then arise to his abilities to make so many definitive kills, hardly any wounded. There were two other men reported in the police calls - one was definitely arrested but no subsequent stories on him.

      In the case of the boy in Aurora, Colorado, the press was totally shut out of relevant information and facts. It is well known however he was a grad student of neuroscience. His area of interest was mind control and he had close association with scientists into that (and that gets into military). He very possibly was under the influence of some of those drugs (experimental). Another known fact is that he was seeing a psychiatrist. All psychiatrists do anymore is prescribe their garbage and then have routine visits with the patient so to monitor the side effects of the drugs. Holmes' psychiatrist apparently was aware it was happening to him.

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