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  • al.gore23 al.gore23 Feb 27, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

    To cut government spending let old people die

    So because of the sequester, we need to cut $85 billion in spending for the second half of fiscal 2013.

    I know where we can get way more than that, pronto -- just stop paying Medicare for 6 months.

    That save us nearly $300 billion -- more than THREE TIMES what we need!! We can just tell old people that it's their time, or they can just pay it themselves, or just try to hang on until we turn the welfare spigot back on next October.

    Sure, some old farts will croak, but it was inevitable anyway. Stupidly, we spend more on old people's health care in the last month of their life than we do on young people from birth, all the way up to age 18!!

    So it's time to say goodbye, Cumgobblers. You wanted less spending -- you got it!! Do your patriotic bit for the country and die, already.

    We promise that, with the $300 billion or so that we'll STILL spend on Medicare (but cutting it in half), we'll give you nice taxpayer-provided funerals and cremations. Hey, we'll even grind your corpse up for pet food if you want -- no charge!!

    Free of $300 billion in wasted spending, Congress can now go back to claiming Obama is a Muslim and molesting little boys.

    You are welcome!!

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    • just stop paying Medicare for 6 months

      So you're suggesting seniors terminate their monthly medicare insurance premium payments... Fair enough.

      And what about medicade for recipients who pay noting for free health care?

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      • So you're suggesting seniors terminate their monthly medicare insurance premium payments... Fair enough


        Cumgobbler, retirees pay no premiums for Medicare A (hospital insurance), which is 32% of the entire Medicare budget. And their Part B premiums are heavily subsidized (as of December it was $99 a month for most people), and represents another 20%. Medicare C and D are entirely voluntary -- in fact, D requires opt-in -- so feel free to drop those.

        We will still save a TON of money without your paltry insurance premiums.

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