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  • dr_piloinformation dr_piloinformation Mar 4, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    Why Americans are stupid. They think the deficit is RISING each year.

    The Fox News Liars and the GOP have convinced over 90% of Americans that the deficit is increasing every year. Only 6% actually knew that the deficit is shrinking and has been for over 3 years. It is nearly as low as any deficit in the last 30 years.

    But stupid Americans have it so horribly wrong. What happened to the intelligent American?

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    • I think you may be one of the most stupid if you believe your own spew. Massive deficit spending will bankrupt the country whether it is shrinking a little, or growing a little. When you have to borrow 1//3 of the GDP to pay your bills, you and everyone else in the country has a big problem. Wake up fool.

    • mcmsbm Mar 5, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

      Current annual deficit is more than $800 billion per year... NOT the lowest in 30 years, but the lowest in the past three years of Obama's Presidency. If you like numbers, $800 billion borrowed at 1% interest requires $8 billion dollars a year in debt service... And the more borrowed, the more yearly interest must be paid... Hope you have lots of money for future and endless annual debt service....

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      • Revenue estimate is 2.7 T with a continuing resolution (no budget in years) on track to spend 3.7 T The difference is the deficit: 1 T

        It is amusing to see "only" 1T as some kind of improvement, since as the rest of the facts are along your lines: when the spending continues without revenue, the difference is borrowed and the payback includes interenst so the total is more.

        PS Who is loaning money to the US gov't at 1%?

        PPS Who is unwilling to actually submit a budget...not the Republicans. It's Obama and the Democrats. Even when they had a majority in both houses with Obama President, they would not submit a budget. It ought to be actionable in court.

      • Hope you have lots of money for future


        Amen...for the sake of his#$%$'s children and grandchildren. Noting can help pilo---he#$%$'s hopless.

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