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  • pilodialcyst pilodialcyst Jun 14, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    Need an update on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA......


    Oh, and how is that Hispanic and African-American outreach program going?


    Remember that the nation (outside of the old Confederacy) thinks the GOP is racist, out of touch, homophobic, old fashioned, old and too white.


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    • Point of Inquiry is the radio show and flagship podcast of the Center for Inquiry, a think tank promoting science, reason, and secular values in public policy and at the grass roots. Started in 2005, Point of Inquiry has consistently been ranked among the best science podcasts available in iTunes.

      The most recent podcast was entitled "The Mind of a Conspiracy Theorist." Pretty interesting stuff. Starts out by stating that although conspiracies exist (examples provided: Watergate, Iran/Contra), the vast majority of conspiracy theories have little or no basis in either reason or empirical fact. Rather, conspiracies tend to be supported by those with a distinct political/ideological bias.

      For example: many leftwing crazies believe the 9/11 attacks were to some degree a resultant product of the Bush Administration, while many rightwing crazies believe Obama is a secret socialist and/or Muslim extremist.

      "Remember that the nation (outside of the old Confederacy) thinks the GOP is racist, out of touch, homophobic, old fashioned, old and too white."

      You forgot "too misogynist," and "authoritarian," but yes: every demographic assessment supports that conclusion: today's conservatives are bitter, frustrated, paranoid bigots. Statistics aside, conservatives continually elect/appoint people who say and do things anathema to democracy itself. But you are correct in assigning to them the label of "old Confederacy."

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      • Now, now, now, Carson (and pilo), today's update on Benghazi is about CBS hiring a forensic expert who has confirmed that their investigative reporter, Sharyl attkisson, one of the few in the liberal media pursuing Benghazi facts, had her computer hacked numerous times by a very sophisticated hacker.

        It's been 6-7 years best I remember that I read an article that the program set up for the FBI had a note able "glitch" in it - it did not allow for tracking of taps. So if an agent tapped someone's computer without the authorizations of a judge, no one could prove it. The relevant point to me is not whether that "glitch" was ever fixed or not, but rather that such was possible.

        Conspiracy theories? Or stupid naïveté?

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