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  • carsonogenik carsonogenik Aug 8, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    This week in neurophysiology - cognitive science edition

    "Some interesting recent research suggests that conservatives’ brains work very differently from liberals’ brains. For example, conservatives have a heightened startle response relative to liberals; they startle more easily when exposed to loud noises or shocking images. Conservatives and liberals use different parts of their brains when evaluating risk, too: Democrats tend to use the insula, which is used in the monitoring of one’s internal feelings, while Republicans tend to use the amygdala, which is the brain’s threat response center."

    Shorter version: conservatives emotional centers tend to be more active than liberals.

    Well, that's not a surprise: conservatism itself is comprised of a reactive ideology that is itself largely dependent on feelings of fear and rage (manifested as forms of bigotry (racism & misogyny) in concert with a more generalized kind of xenophobia.

    Free will is an illusion...indeed, the concept of 'individual self' is essentially a shell program, designed to maintain a necessarily coherent narrative. Repeated experiments (via fMRI scans) demonstrate a time lag of 120 milliseconds up to 500 milliseconds between awareness and initiation of an act...which is to say, the 'conscious self' becomes aware of the signal to act AFTER the 'command' to perform said act has already been executed.

    That said, my response is that free will is a necessary illusion.

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