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  • cpwrguy_99 cpwrguy_99 May 10, 2014 6:52 AM Flag

    Lois Lerner/Tommy boy- the worst of the worst.

    Arrogant, flipping the intelligent hard working Americans who pay the taxes and support the loony liberal losers
    The BIRD. Lois pushed for extra audits for conservative donors at 10 times the usual rate of audits.
    And Tommy Boy on Benghazi parrots Hillary's 'what difference does it make comment, which will destroy her
    As a candidate if she runs. It makes a difference to informed hard working Americans that 4 people died
    While Bhillary and the Doper were AWOL. And that the hated By all taxpayers, IRS used audits for vengeful
    Purposes. Small wonder that 64% of Americans believe the RoofhitDoper, lies and is not trustworthy
    Both should be prosecuted and jailed.

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    • Remember when republican Vice President Spiro Agnew was forced to resign from office for Tax Evasion and accepting bribes?

      The GOP wrote the book on political corruption.

      Silly empty headed right wing loser America laughs at your redundant desperation................hahahahahahahahaha

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