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  • cpwrguy_99 cpwrguy_99 Jun 14, 2014 8:52 PM Flag

    Iraq: Yep still Obama's fault

    We all know the libs will continue to blame GWBush for The Iraq debacle unfolding in the Pot Heads reign of Error. The pot head inherited what most Presidents inherit, PROBLEMS. FWBush inherited 9-11 and he smashed those responsible, and the Islamists were crushed.
    E ter, the Pot Head, nothing is his fault, everyone else is to blame. gWBush never blamed anyone else.
    He just stomped our enemies. Now 5 plus years into his reign of error the pot hesd is lost at sea.
    And he learns about everything from FOX news.
    He is a loser, a liar, a community Organizer, most likely failed at that also

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    • Completely and utterly wrong, as usual.

      "and the Islamists were crushed."

      Obviously not.

      You and your tribe of morons have been utterly, literally, metaphorically and in all ways obviously incorrect about everything vis a vis the Middle East and pretty much everything else. The fact that you refuse to assume any moral responsibility for your massive ideological and cognitive fail is occasionally amusing but indicative of your inability to assume and practice anything resembling a coherent moral (Christian) ethic.

      Delineating the differences between sociopathy, delusion, ignorance or right wing tribal fidelity because it all boils down to the same thing: you are wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.and incapable learning anything you don't want to learn. Your basic cognitive fail is a (necessary?) product of your inability to learn anything which doesn't conform to your narrow and #$%$ worldview.

      You are basically wrong about everything. Your views are not informed by rational thought but rather simple prejudices and emotional manipulation, amplified by 20 years of habitual Fox News and Limbaugh.

      But basically, you are wrong.

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      • Carson: this rant from someone who brags about a Masters in filosofee. A field that produces nothing of value and the current job market for them is non-existent., and reflects that fact. If U are so right what the hexx would U get a masters in such a useless field?? Just scan the web and C the lack of opportunity in your, not field but cemetery. Your superior attitude is one reason so many college grads are UN-employed and broke. The other is lack of marketable usefull job skills, like tradesmen have. Put an ad in the paper for a filosofee master degree holder, and one for an electrician foe a
        Pix of the opportunity in each. Unemployed lectricians are non-existent, unemployed with college degrees are everywhere. So, I believe the CURRENT Iraq disaster is a product of the pot heads lack of
        A coherent foreign policy. What Bush did mistake or not is, to me, irelavant, everyone including the
        Pot head plays with the hand dealt them, he has created a disaster. And the libs will continue to follow the pot heads lead and blame Bush for the current problem, to play CYA, which he has failed at.
        But, he has failed at everything. Our first black WH resident is a failure and a danger to all of us.
        So you have you philosophy and I have my third grade, own 3 each , cars houses and businesses,

    • Idiot, Bush the Lesser did not "inherit" 9/11. It occurred on his watch, despite warning, after warning, after warning. And the fool invaded Iraq on trumped evidence, lies, and the foreign policy of neo-cons that view war as 'diplomacy'.

      How did he "smash" those responsible? It was Obama that upped drone strikes to kill al Qada leadership. it was Obama that got Bin Laden.

      Bush accomplished nothing but sent Iraq into a tailspin that was predicted by Colin Powell in 2003.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Oh, That's right, when Clinton had a chance to take out Bin Laden... he blew up an asprin factory instead. Clinton "cut costs" of on the ground assets to keep an eye on terrorist. So from one point of view Bush did inherit the mess. As has every president since Truman. Get real -- the porblem between the sect is centuries old and the actions of the "civialized world" after WW2 to make up boundries for coutries in the middle east has more to do with the mess over there than either Clinton, Bush or Obama.. This president inherited Bush's problem just like Bush inherited Clinton's problems... and so on and so on.... How Obama handled the problems in another story and in the eye of the beholder...

      • I have a quick answe to the libs. GWBush instilled fear in our enemies and respect from our allies.
        The current WH Resident, Not a President, a pot headed fool, installs ridicule not fear from our enemies, witness Putin and Assad, and mistrust among our former allies.
        His primary job is the protection of all of us and our interests. He has failed.

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