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  • andimsupposedtobecrazy andimsupposedtobecrazy Jun 19, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    'Lost' IRS emails: Get real, Team Obama, we’re not that gullible

    How gullible does the Obama administration think we are?

    Any American with even a rudimentary knowledge of how electronic messages are sent knows that email records are largely impervious to anything but the most widespread and systematic computer crashes.

    Further, we also know that computer crashes are focused events. When a computer “crashes” it’s not able to delete incriminating emails from specific time periods while leaving all others intact.

    Indeed, in the aftermath of this absurd assertion, the response from experts was overwhelming: The story makes no sense. IRS emails were not permanently stored on Lois Lerner’s computer alone (of course) but on servers that preserve records. They would remain there even if Lerner decided to do something outrageous like light her computer on fire in an effort to hide her criminal activity.

    Moreover, the emails likely also exist on the computers (and in the servers) of any agency she sent an email to. So, if she sent email to the White House, those emails would be in White House servers and on White House computers. If she sent an email to the Department of Justice, the same would be true.

    The emails that have been "lost" undoubtedly exist. So what’s actually happening?

    The plausible explanation is that the IRS believes the contents of the emails are actually more damaging to its institutional interests than the scandal of hiding or deleting them. This behavior leads to the conclusion that the content of the emails must be so damning that it’s best to just not produce them. In other words, the truth is more dangerous than the cover-up.

    This precisely flips the standard Washington narrative, where the cover-up is typically worse than the underlying scandal, where government officials will sometimes go so far as to break the law to conceal political mere political or personal embarrassments.

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    • Nixon resigned for less...

    • There are several posters on the MO board who ARE that gullible. Our evident group of liberal loons,
      Rodent, PILO, and the whacko Al xxx. What is really amusing is even though they are horrendously low info
      Pothead lovers, they brag about their education. They all have masters alright, in STUPIDITY.

    • While I agree with the opinion, I don't think we need you to copy and past from Fox News opinion page, which you have done (and taken credit for). You can at least have the integrity to identify the source....

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      • andimsupposedtobecrazy andimsupposedtobecrazy Jun 19, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

        I don't take credit for articles I post. Mostly I agree strongly with the authors opinion or perception. That is why I post them. Glad you could discover the source. The obama administration is reaching to new highs in its criminal activities raising the level for impeachment. At some point obama will hang himself. The sooner the better. I am certain current world political strategies have developed over a period of many administrations, but a change in course is needed. Full disclosure with less secretiveness and fewer attempts to cover up once hidden, but presently exposed condoned government activities, foreign and national, need to be fully exposed allowing a full review for the common public to understand the events and motivation for our domestic and foreign policies. A full restoration of public confidence in our government is needed, not just more lip service for more of the same. I think obama and some of Congress have been given enough rope to hang themselves, so get at it. Start with obama first. Impeach obama.

      • andimsupposedtobelazy andimsupposedtobelazy Jun 19, 2014 10:52 AM Flag

        You can at least have the integrity


        Baaa haha haha ha hah haha ha ha ha ha hah ah ha

        Expecting "integrity" from PeeCPee -- a senile dribbler who claimed that a stock that lost him $12,000 "set him up for life" -- is like expecting his Depends to smell like candy.

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