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  • Dr_Cynic Dr_Cynic Dec 23, 1997 4:12 PM Flag

    tobacco's costs to the government

    The problem with the tobacco companies is that they are cowards, afraid of the truth. No one since 1964 has actually thought that tobacco was not harmful. There may be 12 adults today who think that tobacco can't hurt you, but they have already served on the the OJ jury.

    The tobacco companies should say 'yes, tobacco will shorten your life, but it's your choice - do you want happiness now or life later? And they should say to the states and the federal government that people who die at age 60 of lung cancer or emphysema cost the state less than those who die at age 85 from Alzheimer's disease, after 5 years in a nursing home at state expense.

    A little honesty would help. This from a non-smoking physician who is tired of the flack. And I am certainly glad my kids don't smoke.

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    • I feel your pain...

      kkbing hit on the head. Never trust a politician. Even the ones you like and vote for. Always keep them in check.

    • KKBING,

      Your comments are right on the money. To many individuals are looking to punish the Tabacco companies out of existance. That's not reasonable. It's also unlikely because Politicians have found a new source of income for several pet projects and they don't even have to vote on a tax increase.

    • somehow I think I got misunderstood. I do not think politicians do wright things. what they do is whatever give them the
      most votes. right now, tobacco is the most convinient target. tobacco will not become illegal, but the companies will pay huge
      amounts of money. about tobacco taxes paying for medical costs, it is far from true, because cancer madications and treathments cost
      many times the tobacco taxes. just look at the sec files of the big pharmaceutical companies. I agree with you that tobacco is
      not to blame in everything , and that people knew what they were doing most of the years. people tend to blame someone for
      everything in life, and politicians, well, they just do whatever people want them to do, to get chosen again.

    • that should be " said it as well as you did."

    • I wish I could have said it wa well as you did.

      There is simply no rebuttle for this kind of sound and balanced logic.

      Thank you

    • stand by me b b king (eh, i mean kkbing)

    • Dr Cynic you said it all in just 3 short paragraphs. Thanks.

      I would still like a responsible response from an anti-tobacco advocate as to why they support the (settlement) extortion of billions of dollars from legimate companies selling legal products. The logic still escapes me! Make the product illegal or get off the tobacco companies backs.

      • 1 Reply to hsmishket
      • the reason why tobacco companies are being treated like they do is simple: they lied for years to the public and they put
        more addictive ingridients + advertised mostly for young people. the generation whom was lied to wants revenge in the tobacco co.
        the issue is not about choice , because everybody have a choice not to smoke. its all about tobacco co. not telling you what you
        take into your lungs, and what it does to you. there is another difficult case of second hand smoking. the issue is that nobody
        sues arm manufacture for its arm being used for killing, because arm suppose to kill and tobacco was not. ther is another issue
        of healthcare costs that someone should be paying for. these costs are larger than $600bn and that is without damage to the
        ecoomy. in case of suttlement mo would have to issue debt or pay most of its cash flow to the government. either way those who think
        mo could just spin-off its tobacco part should look at the facts. facts are that most of mo's earnings and every growth they
        have come from tobacco. without tobacco mo is close to worthless (compares to over $100bn today). I do not think any politician
        would let mo do that and escape with part of its business. that is not popular. remember that mo built most of its business on
        tobacco cash flow.

    • dear docs,If anyone should be halled in court i think and many other people agree it should be you guys.The outragest price
      you charge for your services is nothing less than a well thought out plan by a buisness to make money(HMO's,hospitals,nurseing
      homes).Phillip morris is also a business,it makes quality food and tobacco items.they have been around for almost 90 years and mark my word
      they will be around for 190 more years.listen up anti-tobacco people,if you don't want to smoke cigs then don't and leave the
      people alone who want to!

    • doc, that's a great post. go over and put it on the rn board too.

      one question (respectfully asked): have you got a problem with people who invest in mo or rn?

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