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  • mybabyateadingo mybabyateadingo Dec 14, 2006 12:21 PM Flag

    Too much hostility on this board

    Got cought up in it myself a bit yesterday.
    That guy who calls everybody "expert" but never posts anything of value himself really pissed me off.

    Anyway, I'm still here and still long but I'm not saying how long.

    What seems to be missing on this board is an acknowledgement that different folks have different trading styles and that just because someone trades differently than you is not cause for an assault.

    Some guys here are long term investors. Others, like myself, are short term traders. That doesn't make either one of us more right or more wrong and certainly is no reason to hurl insults.

    This will probably be my last post. I realy don't have the energy to argue just for the sake of being hostile.

    Good luck to all and my appologies to the serious posters for wasting band width yesterday.

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