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  • jonasstodart jonasstodart Dec 31, 2006 3:55 AM Flag

    **** AFTER HOURS **** bottom line...


    Just an observation i have been noticing for a while but usually the afterhours price isn't that much of a predictor of where the stock is going to open the next day... its been usually just a few shares traded here and there....but we had some significant shares, almost 14,000 on friday, (which i find is alot cuz it was a day before a real long weekend and most traders were occupied elsewhere) and i have a feeling based on the new cdc restructuring news, that the premarket on wednesday is going to be extremely active and we might very well open in the 9.85-9.90 range... and not only open there but have another 4 million share traded day and close above that magical double digit number... i'm just specualting but i see a high of 10.29 and a subsequent fill back of the gap to the 9.8's and a strong push into the afternoon with a close in the 10.15 range.... i'm curious to see how it will pan out and if it will go anywhere close to what i think is gonna happen... if we can breach the double digit mark... imo, the kind of short covering we are going to see along with the new traders getting involved, heck... 07 might really be good for us longs.... gl to all...

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