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  • ii2000426 ii2000426 Sep 22, 2007 12:15 AM Flag

    FSLR's Favorite Metal is a Snake!


    First Solar panels are based on the CdTe material. Cd, cadmium, is extremely toxic and cancer causing. Because of that the product of First Solar will not fly with end users and should actually be banned, just like they ban the DDT pesticide.

    Let's look at chemical elements No 45 - 48:

    Rhodium 45 Palladium 46 Silver 47 Cadmium 48

    The last one Cadmium, is the one you should stay away.

    The first one is the best, Rhodium, 4 years ago at $500 per ounce, now a whoopy $6100 per ounce. Too late to invest in Rhodium now.

    The second one is of course the second best, palladium, although the third one silver is more popular as investment.

    Why palladium? I see an extremely bullish palladium performance coming, dur to jewelry, fuel cell for alternative energy, and even cold fusion. And because of what I see, I heavily invest in SWC, the only USA based palladium producer, and expect to collect 20 folds to 40 folds return in a few years. Click on my name and follow the link to read all about the metal palladium.

    The third metal, silver. Every one knows it. Buy some silver. It's a good investment, not as good as the second, but good nevertheless.

    Last one, cadmium 48. Stay away from this one. It causes cancer in you. FSLR uses cadmium. So stay away from FSLR. FLSR can not cause you cancer, but can cause you heart attack, when this stock plummet from $112 to almost nothing, when customers reject cancer causing cadmium solar panels.

    All these metals are neighbors on the elementary table, but they are very different. Same thing a bit below. No. 78, 79, 80. 78 is platinum, better than 79 gold. Gold 79 is good, and 80 is very very bad: It's mercury.

    The whole last group of transitional metals are no good. Each one worse than the previous one:

    30 Zinc
    48 Cadmium
    80 Mercury
    112 Uub

    The last one, No. 112 must be so toxic and so bad that they only name it Uub. It is a bad poisonous sign that FSLR today closes at $112, the Uub toxic element.

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    • Hi I have bought a lot of SWC sharess since it drop down from 10 (average arond $9 per share! total 10k shares.). Thank you very much for your analysis. I took your advice: shorted TSL at $69 and covered at $59 (even it went below $40!); shorted JASO at 42 and covered at $35 (it went under $29). This time, I accidentially shorted FSLR at $111 yesterday, and will cover around $100.

    • I think you are losing your mind: you wrongly buy put. And then try to find every reason that your wrong bet can win back. People who don't recongnize trading mistakes doom to fail. Now your FSLR put will become worthless.

      As to FSLR solar cell technology, their first rate scientists know much better than you laymen. A simple fact is that as long as your handhel calculators or wrist watches are safe, then FSLR technology will be safe -garanteed, because they use same elememts...for further information read..

      Also USA government says::from FSLR's website:

      Environment CdTe Technology Print This Page
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      First Solar's advanced CdTe technology is instrumental in accomplishing our environmental mission.
      CdTe is uniquely capable of producing low cost solar modules, making widespread, cost-effective solar electricity a reality. Its physical properties are optimal for converting sunlight into electricity, resulting in highly efficient photovoltaics with thin (< 3 micron) semiconductor layers. CdTe is a robust material with the demonstrated capacity for high volume, low cost production.

      CdTe is a semiconductor made by transforming cadmium and tellurium from their elemental forms into a stable semiconductor. The cadmium in First Solar's CdTe is derived from zinc smelting waste. The ��up-cycling�� of cadmium into safe, cost effective solar electricity not only reduces the toxic effects of fossil fuel generation but prevents potentially dangerous elemental cadmium from entering the environment.
      For these reasons, research from the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory concluded:

      Large-scale use of CdTe PV modules does not present any risks to health and the environment, and recycling the modules at the end of their useful life completely resolves any environmental concerns. During their operation, these modules to no produce any pollutants, and furthermore, by displacing fossil fuels, they offer great environmental benefits. CdTe PV modules appear to be more environmentally friendly than all other current uses of Cd.

      Source: " RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS", Vol 8, 2004, pp 303 �C 334, V M Fthenakis, ��Life Cycle Impact Analysis of Cadmium in CdTe PV Production��, with permission from Elsevier

      Learn More

      See ��Company Information �C Technology��

      Life Cycle Impact Analysis of Cadmium in CdTe PV Production (PDF)

    • I am reading between the lines of your post. Since I come from strong chemical background I do understand the effect of Cd.....

      But its not toxic when its crystallized in solar panels and to melt it means you need temperature of around 1050 degree celcius. Yes if it melts then its as bad as it gets.

      Now if there is a fire in FSLR solar powered house then I dont think it will be a problem as a normal house fire doesnt raise the temperature to 1050 degrees without any other inflammable materials like oil etc.

      But in case of industrial fire, its definitely a concerns.

      so yes I would like to stay away from Cd.....not good for humankind.

      Also they say 1050 but they also said the same about the twin towers that nothing could melt the steel beams but it proved the other way and they went down on that worst day of mankind. Shame on the terrorist who kills people for their insanity.

      Its our job to protect our family and friends.

      So I would strongly suggest not supporting a company using the source....

      I was thinking to buy FSLR but now I have to re-think.

      Thanks man to enlighten me with the information

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