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  • Chuckeieie Chuckeieie Dec 14, 2011 4:53 PM Flag

    How much money are you solar maniacs going to give me?

    Solar was a great investment at the start of the all manias, the money is made early on.

    Dot-com was the same way as was the fiber-mania and others.

    Money was made early by people who know the game. How much money will you sent to those who know the game? Yeah, you might hit a Google, but they are few and far between.

    Understand, there are people who know the game inside and out, and they left the solar party YEARS AGO!!

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    • Comparing zero asset/zero revenue with Hi capital revenue generating Solar is a bit off base.

      True, the herd is out of solar, for the time being. Just like shipping, they come and go. The forward projections for Solar installations is larger YoY all the way 2020. It is not going away.

      The real future in Solar investing is with PPA providers, financing and installations. The commodity end of the biz will be squeezed for quite some time until consolidation occurs. Every industry goes through a consolidation phase, solar is no different.

      Only anomaly with Solar is the consolidation happened at a very early stage due to the mass amounts of capital that was over injected.

      Bottom line is Solar produces ENERGY. You can have all the materials in the world (including) gold but you can do nothing with them until you obtain energy.

      Energy will ALWAYS be a pursued commodity it's not going away. Asset void's were/are a scam.

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