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  • up_yours_beotch up_yours_beotch Feb 25, 2012 8:36 PM Flag

    I need info from bulls and bears please

    Just my cents but I think now is not the time to be either heavily sided with the bulls or with the bears for this stock. Obviously at the start of the downturn in the stock price when it was way over $100 it was correct to be more of a bear but now at $35 I dont think it is wise to remain a bear, but I also would not fully side with the bulls on the company story. Obviously the solar industry is a total train wreck and it will take a long long time to recover, if ever.
    BUT while everyone is calling for the end of days for all solar companies and FSLR I think it is wise to remember that there are still some positives for the company developing.
    "they cannot compete".. well
    think about the fact that with the industry in the toilet many many solar companies are going to kick the bucket and go under SO that means competition for FSLR will be lighter than before so more contracts will go to them and not others, no one seems to talk about that point. Granted, all of that assumes you dont think FSLR is going to go under itself.

    Also even though subsidies have been cut and are getting cut, the industry and hopefully the investors have known about this or at least that it was coming for months so I think it should be priced in by now, especially after a more than 75% drop in the share price.
    Plus governments all over the world are looking to alternative energy and a way to get them away from relying on oil. This will help FSLR in the long run.

    FSLR obviously has its work cut out for them and the recent drop and earnings have not done them any favors as regards investor sentiment so the share price has plummeted but eventually, I would think at some share price value investors and bottom feeders would begin positioning themselves in the stock SO I cant be a bear.
    I think right now being a bear with it over $50 is wise but being a bull under $30 is wise. I think it will trade in that range for the next few months, just my opinion.

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