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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Feb 26, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    2 whole days of dumping ahead

    As the MM's unload

    The Hedge Funds dump. (they don't hold before bad earnings) simple as that.

    And any mutual funds even considering grabbing some shares will get a little far cheaper on Wednesday.

    Margin Calls are no joke as some with more money simply don't have time to wire more money or just sell and buy back cheaper.

    If you look at the % drop the last 5 days and have been thru a margin call, then you know nobody is going to come in and save you from one. And both the hedge funds and mm's can tell margin call selling because it's far worse then just temporary panic selling. FSLR panic selling begins tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday lots of hedge fund managers say I can't hold this chit any longer.

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    • LOLOLOL !! Or you boys and girls end up panicking...what is it they say, you can convince yourself of anything if you say it enough keep talking, bud, it seems like it's what your good at. Good luck to ya, we'll speak wednesday morning : )

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      • lol

        hahaha what a bunch of cr4p

        any1 who thinks hedgies have been long FSLR even from the recent high at $44 is kidding themselves..

        They all already had gotten out of this one on the 75% decline over the last several months..
        They were all neutral on this one recently (has flat lined for several weeks, maybe a slight uptick from low thirties) until a few of them started dumping shorted shares on the bid from $43 a couple of days ago when they smelled blood (weakness, retail investors cutting losses and getting out) then covered prolly before close on Friday..
        I dunno why you peeps dont learn hedgy tactics by now, its simple, they cover then go long ahead of ANY earnings whether they know its gonna be good OR bad, so they catch little retail shorty fishies on the upward trend heading into earnings and force retail longs getting in to buy at higher prices then on the news no matter what the news is they sell on the news dumping big time so that longs feel the pain while they dump for profits on Wed morning

        any retail shorty thinkin long hedgies are in trouble in this one and in margin trouble can go ahead and bet on it but I wouldnt recommend it.
        good luck!

    • u better close out girl, sounds like you live on the edge of your margin. ever think of buying puts and calls with cash ??? speak to your hedgee friend, he can use more dumb people like you.

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