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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Mar 10, 2012 1:23 PM Flag

    wow this over s T p get real suckers

    I agree Namfong

    Fslr is a horribly run company which had problems so deep, the CEO knew to dump all his shares and quit.

    He knew to make the power plant new business plan work, he would need money and that had to equal 1 thing a secondary placement.

    Go look at class actions past post on FSLR in last 30 days, I told you 24-26 for sure and then 18

    I'm even more bearish on them now, 7-9 is possible here.

    Do not lump all solar together, 3 chinese solar companies are doing good and taking share. STP is the largest and the best and grabbing the largest market share. Selling and installing the most panels while building the strongest reputation. No other solar companies can keep up, especially not FSLR or the other USA co. owned by an oil company as a toy project.

    50% of fslr short from here would not surprise me. No good news and a Mountain of bad is just very very bad.

    I have trade 6 or 7 solars for about 5 years, I too know how stp volume always spikes about double the shares it traded just 2 days or 3 days earlier, compare mon tues wed in stp to just thursday fri or even fri alone shows the ramp and what will be the big rise and fresh new buyers who pile into what is now more then obvious to all, they will be the biggest and best for at least the next 4 years straight.

    Also back when stp ran to 90 they were saying if costs ever come down, this company will be unstoppable, they cam way way down and gained tons of marketshare and the stock sits just under 3 with trevis. co m saying should STP should be 4.43 immediately and 30% higher pps then that if costs of panels is really this low.

    For anyone to lump STP in with a company run like FSLR is insulting to investors that can read facts and remember 2008 solar rally.

    3.60 to 10.00 in 8 trading days last time from this current pps. STP runs next week for sure and they took all the calls away so great time for hedge funds to cover and push up before they must cover much higher.

65.07-2.13(-3.17%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST