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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Apr 14, 2012 12:22 AM Flag

    FSLR newbie longs explained

    1. The new guys bought a few calls and thought they were good traders and caught the bottom. Now Monday every last bit of the premium is gone and a lot of the money they risked.

    2. Lawsuits are piling up, eventually they have to tell the investors what they have been doing or else the lawyers who brought the lawsuit will tell us, about the accounting, the CEO pay,and the warranty claims,product stacking high that is not selling and the returns coming in the mail.

    3. The new longs are going to be so mad when FSLR goes to 15 next week and just sits on it like a frog on a big rock.

    4. I will say again, next week at least three out of four days the entire market is red, and of course the red days will be three times what the green days were. We are breaking key support on the NAZ and the S and P.

    5. Apple and Google will contunue to go down and they will say we needed this correction up until tuesday, wednesday when the selling leads to fear which leads to more selling.

    6. FSLR needs a ton of new cash for this new business plan fantasy they have. That means a secondary placement comes out of nowhere and you are stuck holding the bag at 10. You will be stuck holding anyway at 15 unless you are smart enough to have a stop.

    7. The majority are stupid enough the buy this pile of dog chit on margin. China solars are crushing the American solars.

    8. More and more class actions and lawsuits will show up every three or four days.

    9. Insiders are not done dumping huge amounts and the new people they add just burn the little bit of cash they have that much faster. It should frighten you that motley fool and seeking alpha are not trashing the trashiest stock in the whole market, they want you in for a slow or fast bleed to 12-15

    10. Solar is not what it what, the best days are behind it, the government cheese is now gone, other countries all pulling anything to do with solar, but worst of all natural gas is now hot and the future, and solar is nothing but BK like dominoes, one after the other, after the other.

    Don't you think if the shorts were ready to go long or cover they would have went in and bought the calls you are rapidly losing money on also. Many of us that might go long FSLR some day have price points they would do that at, for most it is 7, after the secondary and the real news leaking, for others it is 10, they like that # and feel it's worth a gamble, and for others it's 12-15 range.

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