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  • theprincipal49 theprincipal49 Apr 20, 2012 4:31 PM Flag

    Dear GOD, please help me

    I don't know which GOD you are, but I need your help.
    Please do not wipe me out with this stock. It was a mistake and I was just seconds away from selling it at $25 and I was tricked by the Devil (or someone like that)

    Please consider my plea:
    * I have never cheated on the wife,albeit I look at a lot of porn, I admit, since the wifey has gained a few pounds and not as tight after the babies. Hope you understand.
    * I have not cheated on my taxes for 10 years and give some money directly to people who need it instead of the charities with executives who earn as much as Goldman Sachs executives.
    * I no longer take any type of drugs or alcohol and put all the money in savings.

    Now, I am afraid of losing most of it if not all. Please save me.

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    • A fool and his money are soon parted ...

    • Trust me on this one. When analysts are saying to dump a stock, you need to dump it. I watched one of my investments go from 30 to 0 when I ignored the news on it. You can't be emotional on stocks. Judge only on the current situation. You need to ignore the past. Put the blinders on. Is today's price a good buy? If not, sell. With all the bad news. You need to sell pronto. You have a lot of years to make this up. Remember it's just funny money. It isn't money until you spend it.

    • "I have not cheated on my taxes for 10 years"

      LOL, that's impossible if you want to be able to eat.

    • not that bad, cut @20 is fine as long as you picked it up later.

      FSLR is a healthy company in a growing industry - and price down over 90% from peak...

      Former CEO is plain incompetent, Ahearn is quite good.

      I know the industry very well, and I stick to my judgement that FSLR should be much higher at the end of 2013.

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      • "how do you know the industry quite well?"
        Where do you expect the stock to be in 2013?

        Did you know they were going to cut 2,000 people. If so, shouldn't the price now be 1/3rd less if they cut 1/3rd of their manufacturing ability?

        What about their product going bad in high temperature surroundings and how bad is this going to get? How would you know unless more time passes to see how much product is returned.

        Why would this company "be healthy" if both inventory and accounts receivable have ballooned over 150% each? That points to a sick company that can't sell their inventory and are having problems collecting money that is due to them. And, $850 million in accounts receivable is HUGE. That is approaching $1 billion.

    • DOWN 60K AND OUT! I'll be lurking this stock for the next two quarters. In the meantime, I'll be looking at short opportunities.

    • He has to bit the bullet even though he will lose some $50k in less than a month. But, that is better than losing more. You have to learn to take the losses and admit your mistake. Don't go down with the ship. Let others sink like the Titanic.

    • so, you are like me and everyone else. You just presumed if this stock is 90%, there must be a dead cat bounce..that was what I thought

      * I didn't see them shutting down all manufacturing in Germany and most of Malaysia and postponing working in their home state
      * Didn't realize they were going to cut 2,000 employees so they must see a DRAMATIC slowdown coming
      * That their panels fail in hot weather after a few months when they are installing in places like India, California, Australia where there will be problems in the near future.
      * I didn't realize until after I bought how dramatically their inventory has ballooned and almost $830 in accounts receivable that is late. That is like a $1billion almost that they can't seem to collect on time.

    • I do know this for a fact! It's so hard to drive a stock price up! It takes years for example PNRA, CMG, CF, BIDU, TPX. Everything has to be perfect as far as earnings, guidence, ect for that momo stock to keep going up. People make more money shorting a stock. Take NFLX, FSLR, BBY, RIMM, GMCR, for example. The minute you give the shorts bad news with any type of short interest in the stock, they will jump on it so hard it never has a chance. All you have now are sellers and shorts pushing it down for the next few months. Make sense?

    • I'm sure the kid digging for blood diamonds with a gun to his back in Africa is a little higher on the list of people "god" would help if he existed.

      Zombies Jesus don't play the stock market, neither should you!

      'Ra Men

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