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  • nanotechmillionaire nanotechmillionaire May 4, 2012 2:15 AM Flag

    what I expect to happen

    I think Jobs # will be awful.

    I think France elections and Europe getting worse as well as Germany and Spain getting even worse then many thought will result in a huge correction for the entire market.

    Now that earnings are done for FSLR and Sunpower, these will go back to dead money, sideways or a little down everyday or week. I don't expect for anything good to happen for solars till the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2013 at the earliest, I expect more solars to go BK, not fslr or sunpower but most likely LDK and WFR even more so. Anybody trying to catch the falling knives known as the solar sector will enjoy 52 week lows and most likely all time lows soon but the solars that emerge will be run up again halfway thru 2014 to 2015.

    Now wildcards would be if Germany finds the money to talk FSLR into doing something to save the 1000 or so jobs in Germany.

    A major contract announcement or source of new funding for FSLR

    Or and this would be a negative but the Obama administration stops mentioning solar all together because they don't want Solyndra brought up as a scam any time they do and abandon solar and instead get behind nat gas vehicles bigtime.

    Lastly would be if the Pres tells those that rig oil at 100 when it should be at 60 that they must put it to 60 a barrell for 90-120 days and that once he is reelected (like the fix is not in by paperless voting machines) that he will give them sweetheart deals to the oil industry to pay back the oil companies.

    I have a small fslr position and would add a little at 15 and again at 10 but if it takes off I am fine with the amount I have currently.

    All so all the tax cuts expiring combined with no more QE 100 could also send wall street much lower, with the Dow and S& P at the highest they have been in years, I cannot help but wonder what would happen to the solars once the market gets really ugly, I mean no interest from funds or retail as it is now.

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