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  • CameleonMan CameleonMan May 21, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    If they have Saudi contract: HOw much climb?

    Just look at this in a perspective. FSLR barely makes $3 billions in revenue, imagine if the Saudi gave them contracts that will handle most of the 109 billions investment for the next decade. OHHH man!!!!! This will catapault back to $300/sh with a snap!

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    • Any new developments on this ?????? Anyone ??

    • Funny how you say I make up all my points, but never post anything to prove it. If you disagree with something than say why - make your case. Any wuss can just call names and throw out general statements that another is wrong. Man up wussie.

    • Dude, why are you listening to this jerk? All he does is spew the same garbage over and over. If you actually listen to the conference call and read the annual reports, you will see that he is making up virtually all of his 'points'.

      Go back and read older posts where people prove him wrong by providing page numbers and links to discredit him. Or perhaps, you are DBOY talking to yourself which would not be a surprise.

      No one here listens to his garbage.

    • You are welcome. That's what message boards are supposed to be for - sharing and debating information. A more informed investor is a better one. I never tell anyone what to do or how to trade - just present the info and people can make up their own mind.

    • dimondboy,

      You're making some really strong points here.

      I didn't miss the one-person thing but a few others that you high-lighted. (Such as the company having claimed they won't ever switch to poly.)

      You obviously know a lot about all of this and I do take seriously your thoughts. Thank you for volunteering them!

      Your two posts were about the most informative and useful I've read in a long time on any message board. Thank you for that!

      I'm thinking the flexibility of thin-film may have some advantages that probably have yet to be discovered and could be potential efficiency game changers. (Think of mating some optical system with a curved geometry arrangement of cells.)

      Anyway. You have me (re-)considering my position. (I'm not willing quite yet to take a $40K loss...) Thanks a lot for your replies!

    • dimondboy,

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

      I had followed the stock for a while but guess I didn't do enough DD before jumping in. I had not known about the second issue with excessive high-temp degradation over time. I did notice the warranty fund, but it didn't seem excessive.

      Ok. All you say here makes sense.

      I did notice FSLR not getting a win at the latest CA RAM auction and found it somewhat dismaying.

      I'm still not so sure about the cost of land being an issue, but this seems to be a rather minor point.

    • Here ya go - check out Table 1 at the end. 1.3% annual degradation rate documented by NREL.

      The study you showed had a flawed methodology - they were comparing new CdTe technology to pre-2000 c-si technology. Apples to oranges. Of course at top universities you learn to review and critique the methodology before blindly accepting the results.

    • But that record is for thin film, which is not compatitive with Si anymore, which has an eff. of over 16%, so over 2% more, which is a lot in this buisiness, believe me!

    • Here's the link ( Again)

      you're real good at the misdirection boy, so now answer the questions!

    • Check the scoreboard - I'm winning. How many THOUSANDS have you lost so far ? Funny how you never post anything of value. You just throw stones at others. Don't hate the messenger.

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