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  • bmw.m333 bmw.m333 May 23, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

    dimon boy or b*t*'re very nervous

    Take it one is going to sell there 300.00 shares to you lowlifes for 13.00..i rather lose everything then to sell my shares to you lowlifes..which firm do you work for hansun?? 13 is and was the bottom.

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    • All i have to say is the look back at my post last friday called FSLR nearing a bottom....

      Again. The bottom may be this week or next week at 13, 12 or 11. For the same logic that the stock moved from 30 to 13 is the same reason it will bottom here somewhere and return to 30. Supply and demand of a stock that has a descent backlog that will help weather the storm. The true value is the 30's. Good luck to the shorts that are still playing this game for a couple more dollars. Thats about all thats left. All the bad news is out.

    • DB: Great rational thinking as always and a good post for thought.

      Not to mention panel degredation data as a factor of time - which may be highly problematic.

    • >The forward PE is based on the company guidance, and I don't accept it as they missed the guidance progressively worse the last 4Qs.

      Fair enough. But you I'm sure you acknowledge that FSLR has a positive P/E, while most others have a negative one. And that FSLR is the only solar stock with any sort of acceptable margin.

      >Longs have lost a lot of money waiting for the short squeeze.

      Some here may be mainly waiting for that. I won't be alone waiting for the panic to subside and the PPS to come into alignment with the business metrics.

      >Sometimes stocks can stay oversold for a long time.

      Are you admitting FSLR is oversold? If so, you answered your own question why it will go up eventually.


    • If something is oversold, and seller are "done", it will go up.

      Yes, it's quite impossible to pick a bottom. Yes, I, for one, thought it was at $16, but if FSLR has another two up days, this ($13) will have been the (shockingly low) bottom.

      My or another guy's bottom estimate isn't any worse than yours at $9, I'd say. It's all in oversold territory by any reasonable P/E metric.

    • How about a single new project announcement?

    • What's to be nervous about ? Another dead cat bounce head fake ? I don't want your shares at $13, I want them at $9. And hangsun is an idiot. I wish he would go back to being a long - he's always wrong. Being on the same side of the trade as him makes me a tad nervous - but I figure he's got to get lucky sometime.

    • We are crying in the corner of my Mommy's basement.
      I'm so stupid.


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