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  • dimondboy dimondboy Sep 25, 2012 12:28 PM Flag

    Now this is interesting

    From greentech media, Sharp is looking to sell off its project development arm Recurrent Energy. Recurrent has an existing solar portfolio of about 500 MW and a project pipeline of 2.5 GW. This is approximately the same as FSLR's existing projects and pipeline. The asking price for Recurrent Energy ? $321M. FSLR's market cap $1.8B. do the math.

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    • "I never bought any puts below when the stock price was $17, I am not buried any position, my short is quite profitable (50% so far) and I am up on my Oct puts. I know you like to think I shorted at $11 but I didn't."

      I distinctly recall you buying $15 puts right before the last earnings call. At the time it was trading in the 14s. In fact you were bragging that your $15 puts were up over 50%, then you held through earnings and they went straight to zero.

    • How much equity does Recurrent have on their balance sheet?? FSLR has $3.5 billion, afterall when you purchase a stock you are purchasing an interest in their equity. Just comparing pipelines to draw a conclusion on equity value is lacking any real substantive analysis.

    • A company that supposedly had a 2GW pipeline two years ago when Sharp bought them for $305 million. FSLR at that time had a share price of about $140 and a book value of about $12 billion, so the math is about a 5% increase in value over that time making FSLR now worth $12.5 billion or $150 a share?

    • Per the RE web site they have 12Mw of complted amd opertating solar installtions, How much has FSLR put in service 50x at leas..

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    • Jake, right now I would not be long any solar company. The supply glut is just too deep, and there's no margins on new projects. With that said I would never go long FSLR - Once I am out at my target prices I will walk away. There is just no future in thin film. It had its window of opportunity and FSLR did a great of exploiting that window, but now its closing fast. CdTe just can't compete with silicon. Best of luck.

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      • Even though we disagree, I really think you are cool. To be perfectly honest, I know absolutely nothing about the stock market. What I do know is that four years ago, I had the most supernatural experience involving FSLR when it was at 300. I get dreams EVERY night that I interpret. That is my 'gift.' But, the thing involving FSLR was just so awesome! Whatever the case, I do wish FSLR hits your target price. But, as for me, I am just a 'dreamer.' As it is said, "Wise people dream, but fools don't believe a darn thing." My target price for FSLR is 700. That is just insane. If I had not had the experience when FSLR was at 300, I would be thinking just as you do RIGHT NOW. LET FSLR SINK, SO I CAN BUY MORE! LET FSLR DIE, SO YOU CAN CASH IN. Why not WIN WIN? Best of wishes!

    • U R the genious of this board why dont u do the math for all of us! You know it could be FSLR buying it from Sharp to enter the Japanese market....

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