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  • What is a good transport play. Trans ETF?

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    • Sure...there's many ways to play that. I'm thinking a bit longer term. ETF's seem to deteriorate over time. There are good individual company plays out there as well, they just have to be timely.
      My thought process come's from this stand point. With all the money being pumped into the economy worldwide, and that intern will cause inflation. Doe's it not stand to reason that that prices of everything, stocks, commodities, wages,(lol) ect. would rise? Doe's anyone else think this way? I just don't get some of these gloom and doomers.

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      • you said it, wages are low and profits at all time highs, it seems to me that the higher the wages, the more goods can be sold across the board, the more mortgages, the more cerdit borrowed, the more cars, the more everything, if the "mass population the 99%" cant affordthe higher costs of everything, it seems the top end also suffers to some degree, if the mass population earns far less, they consume far less as a result, give them raises and they will spend more, 99% of the people spending more, will more then off set the higher wages involved. i mean gee, its not enoughfor the 1% to win, they have to crush the other 99% indefinatly?
        does that really make sense?
        or is making sense the enemy here?

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      • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Dec 5, 2012 12:56 PM Flag

        i think wages stay low and any wealth is created for the top to upper middle class, wages dont really rise no matter what the situation is, i have been an engineer for 32 years and my wages the past 10 have been pretty much frozen. thats why im trading cause im my own boss here and theres no limit to what i can earn here. but in the trades the gov and the cities want lower wages for any building, unions are under attack and their benefits. everybody wants lower costs and that lowers wages, if there is inflation it seems only the top levels of managment, middle class and upper class will benefit. jmho

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