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  • mtwashingtonmike mtwashingtonmike Dec 6, 2012 4:21 PM Flag


    Lucky you did not make the bet. $20 before $30? That is a laugh. We haven't had a down day since you made that statement. It looks like you are holding up at least the spirit of the bet. Lying low. Hope you salvaged something from those Dec puts. If you are holding you are playing with fire 3 plus points out of the money with 2 weeks and a day to go? Take your lumps and move on.

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    • Really orion ? Why so judgemental ? It is your right to believe in a sky fairy if you want, I certainly wouldn't think any less of you because of your religious beliefs. I think of less of you because you are stupid, not because you believe in a God. My only beef with you Christians is you all think the rest of us have to believe what you believe and want to jam your beliefs down our throats. I couldn't care less what your beliefs are and I respect them - why can't you respect others beliefs or lack thereof. Lemme guess, in addition to hating all blacks and muslims, you probably have a thing against the jews too ?

    • I sold off almost all my entire portfolio before leaving the country on vacation. I basically broke even on my Dec puts - covered the cost of the commissions and that's about it. Still have my short position. Luckily sold all my AAPL too. The only positions I have now are gold and gold miners and short AAPL - the rest is sitting in cash. Sometimes taking a break from trading is good. I guess it easy to say $20 before $30 is a laugh after the fact - kinda like everyone saying it was a laugh when I called $50 at $125 eh ?

    • he's gone. the company that he bashed for probably covered already. I am suspecting the shorts started covering since 25. I am curious to know how many shares still shorted. The pain for shorts is around 25-30; where they break even from their initial attack where Germany plant closed. At that point they attacked and shorted it down from mid 40's to teens within 4-6 weeks.

      I told them to cover in the teens but they never listened. Now they are forced to cover in high 20's, 30's and even 40's.

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      • the shorts have been covering--short interest is down as of 11-15 and will be down as of 11-30-----after option expiration in december---interest will be down even more...AND...they will want to take their losses before year end-------which will mean that fslr will be higher as of 12/31 than it is now---where????i don't know but it WILL be higher---if this were not year end, they would try to push it below 30 before option expiration this month

      • go 2 google and type in short interest for fslr----u will c short interest every 15 days-----it has been going down as the shorts are unwinding their positions ( calls & puts ) against the short

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