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  • perfusion68 perfusion68 Apr 4, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    The war in Iraq was a mistake now! Did we all not know there was no WMD ?

    The point is fracing is known to be bad but u will not hear about until you research. Do your research that is all

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    • Tell us WHY it is bad. Please be specific. I have done my research on it. It is known to be bad ? Come on - you can't even tell me the number one environmental issue of fracing. At least you are spelling fracing correctly now - yesterday you couldn't.. You are just another headline reading message board clown. PS - you covered your short to early, and now you are underwater on your long position.

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      • (3) Water Issues: Stress on Existing Water Supply. According to EPA’s senior policy counsel Robert Sussman, the strain that heavy-volume surface and groundwater withdrawals of freshwater used in the fracking process may be placing on water resources is one of the top concerns related to the process. However, EPA has little authority to address such issues and regulation will be largely left to local and state governments.

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      • (4) Water Issues: Management of Wastewater. The wastewater associated with shale gas extraction can contain high levels of total dissolved solids, fracturing fluid additives, metals, and naturally occurring radioactive materials. Unfortunately, many municipal water treatment plants are not designed to remove some of these contaminants. Methods for disposal of such wastewater include deep well injection, surface impoundments for storage or disposal, recycling methods and discharge to a properly-licensed treatment facility. However, these disposal methods are not without criticism. Following a series of earthquakes clustered in an area less than one mile from a deep-injection well used mostly used for oil and gas fluid waste disposal, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources began investigating. The Ohio DNR concluded the seismic activity was likely induced by the deep injection well and, on December 31, 2011, the governor ordered a moratorium that is still in place on six Class II deep injection wells. The Ohio DNR also announced new regulations for the transportation and disposal of the wastewater, requiring operators to supply extensive geological data before drilling (including the existence of known geological faults) and to implement monitoring devices. Currently, oil and gas operators are generally not required to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for stormwater discharges from fracking sites unless there is a reportable quantity spill or the discharge causes or contributes to a water quality violation.

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      • What's the problem with Fracking?

        Fracking has been linked to a variety of environmental concerns including the contamination of groundwater supplies, air pollution and seismic activity, although there has so far been little consensus on any of these points.

        One major report earlier this year found that the risk of water sources being contaminated was no higher with fracking than other drilling processes, and that most pollution was due to mistakes made at ground level such as spillage of waste water.

        But another study recently claimed that emissions released into the atmosphere during the process could cause headaches and breathing problems in people living up to half a mile away.

        The Blackpool earthquake was the first direct evidence of fracking causing seismic activity, but the report's authors argue there is only a minimal risk of a tremor big enough to damage any buildings or people.

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      • Lazy jerk, not doing your research for you

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