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  • cameleonman cameleonman May 7, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    fslr= trading company, not for investing

    told you many times, after that BS they pulled at the analysts meeting, you all should know that management will spike this stock up then beat it down. Management makes most of their income from tradings, not stock options. They suckered you in to buy hi prices, while they shorted and bought puts, they will take it down to 20's, then they will find some insane reason to boost it up again when you least expect it.

    Be very careful with this stock!!!

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    • clearly, your trading skills match your English language proficiency.
      it's 12 billion not 12 billions.

      Do you actually believe what you post?
      assuming Management's primary income stems from trading shows how grossly ignorant you have become. FSLR exec stock options have lengthy hold times and as been shown earlier, most sells are prearranged and openly reported.

      while i consider this CC not one of their best, ive learned to look at these and see the Big Picture.
      Solar energy development is nearing true grid parity, with zero fuel costs and constantly improving efficiency.... it's only a matter of time.

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      • nothing is more embarrassing than trying to correct someone's mistakes, when the corrector makes the obvious idiotic mistake. I bet you are either a HS dropout or a grade school teacher trying to make some extra income trading, on top of your $14/hr teacher salary huh? What do you teach, grammar?

        BTW, if there are no nouns after billion, then to make billion into pleural to justify the number, you can put an "S" on billionS. But if there is a noun following the billion, then you can leave it as billion but you have to pluralize your noun with an "s" at the end, i.e 10 billion idiotS. BTW, English is my second language but I think I am m9ore proficient than your only language. I speak 3 languages.

        Are you complaining too that I mispelled Chameleon? Why don't you go through all my messages and tell me what other grammar mistakes I made. It's time well spent and will enrich you greatly.

    • You are a flip flopper! You have NEVER told me anything new! Everytime you talk you flip flop unto something new. Camelionman is just another name for little lizard. If you want to short this stock, fine, But, you will lose in the end, just as your buddy diamond boy did.

    • I am ready for some trading...there's money to be made here this week..

      Sentiment: Buy

    • How many insiders share have been sold? Purchased?

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