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  • mikestarfish mikestarfish Jun 12, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    OIL GLUT spells doom for all alternative energy plays...FSLR back under $30 in 2014

    This whole market is distorted by the Fed and the liquidity pumped into the system. The truth is demand for energy is waning not increasing. China is slowing and there is an excess supply of oil, copper, oil, iron, gold, silver and a unhealthy build up of all basic materials. What this spells is deflation and alternative energy cannot exist in this envirnoment. As the global slowdown progresses the first things to drop are the basic materials followed by all the consumer goods. Massive job losses overseas from will doom the market for a generation. Just remember world governments are up to their ying yang in debt!!! All developed nations are straddled with debt and negative equity. There is no escape no matter how much money they print.

    Also remember a normal healthy market does not move like a yo-yo; the fact that the market moves via Fed of #$%$ intervention is just that "not normal." Which is why you get JPN moving up 10,000 points because of policy and currency manipulation. Each time they enact QE they just expand the balance sheet and incur more debt for future generations. The fact is that we need a recession to balance the economy and see what lying under the covers. They have been stimulating for a decade to diguise the true nature of the economy.

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