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  • bluecheese4u bluecheese4u Jun 17, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Energy secretary pledges to keep momentum behind solar power

    Energy secretary pledges to keep momentum behind solar power

    By Zack Colman - 06/17/13 11:18 AM ET

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has vowed to shake a few things up at the Energy Department (DOE) — but the agency’s support for solar power is not one of them.

    Moniz put strong faith in solar power during remarks Monday at a Washington, D.C., conference. That continues the trend set forth by his predecessor, Steven Chu, who was a staunch advocate of the renewable energy source.

    “I would argue that I believe that the scale and time frame of impact of solar technology, I believe, again, is underestimated,” he said at the U.S. Energy Information Administration-hosted event. “There are many situations today when solar is in fact competitive.”

    “We are aggressively pursuing this in many dimensions,” he continued. “I think that’s an example of something we will look back on in 10 years and be surprised at the scope.”

    The comments come after Moniz said last week in his first congressional testimony since being sworn in that he would lead some management changes at the department. He earned plaudits from some House Republicans after that House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Energy and Power hearing.

    The subpanel’s chairman, Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), compared Moniz favorably with Chu, saying the new DOE chief — who served as a DOE undersecretary for former President Bill Clinton — would be more adept at navigating Congress than Chu, who had no political experience.

    Maintaining Chu’s solar agenda, though, isn’t going to win him any points with the GOP.

    Currently, solar provides just a small portion of U.S. power. Its share of the nation's power mix has increased in recent years thanks to a mix of state renewable energy targets, an expansion of solar on federal lands and new financing models, among other things.

    But President Obama's awarding of federal stimulus dollars to individual solar firms has been the subject of much criticism from the political ri

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    • The laws of physics and economics pledge to make Ernest Moniz and all the Obama/Liberal Eco-Socialists look like fools (and to make shorts profits).

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      • And after the shorts' "laws" embarrass Obama and the "Liberal Eco-Socialists" and their outrageous investment in solar "technology" the shorts will proceed to also embarrass the leaders of France, Germany, Britain, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, South Africa, Spain, Italy, ..... ........ ........ because clearly the shorts know more about science and feasible renewable technologies than the global community.

        Please keep shorting FSLR and solar in general. I love taking your money.

        Sentiment: Hold

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