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  • thinking_man_too thinking_man_too Jun 21, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    I am in. It fell too far to fast and the big money $460,000,000 told me to

    And the big money wants it back over $46.
    Don't forget, the stock issued at $46 was over subscribed. That means that there was a LOT of BIG money ($460 Million) buying it. They did that because they know it is under valued at $46. The book value is at $41.93.

    So who ya gonna believe? Shorts with their $1000 position or major investors who just purchased $460,000,000 at $46???

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • You assume that the banks still own those shares. They don't. Better look up how a shelf offering works. They got them at $46 - sold them above $46 on the market and when the sales were complete they let it go. If all those big money buys are so confident at $46 they should be happy to buy here at $41.

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      • and you are correct to assume that they are buying now. I have also compared the price before the offerings. Noticed how GS upgraded and got the price to $59, that was pure manipulation. Don't always believe in what you see, currently could be the same manipulation to acquire really cheap shares. But they can't let it go too low because then it affects their holdings, because they want to be able to jump start it and make a huge profit, not jump start it from 30 son! Hence you see an immediate support at 40.50 and higher.

      • how the heck did they sell above $46? Did you the price over those 3 days? most of the time they were fighting off either short sellers or sellers below $46. So you are saying they sold for a loss immediately? Hmmmm, that's not how we make money son! YOu sell it higher for profit.

    • I saw the offerings, I thought $46 was cheap but I didn't know how the market would react. I am glad that I waited til now. I think we both bought in at the bottom. Banks with infos, more so than you and I could have, bought in at $46, so will I. It's primed now for news on EPA/Obumer, contracts, and Q2 earnings. $60 in two months.

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