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  • geepersman3 geepersman3 Sep 12, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    Market manipulated by fast and big money right now.

    Shorting on most 52 wk high's and coordinated selling on the bid to drive down price. Apply's to a lot of stocks right now. No volume, no retail buying. Traders dictating price movement at the moment.

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    • meanwhile CNBC has the nerve to ask the question of why does retail hate Wall street so much..
      "despite the market going up over the last few years" .... Hmmmm, well maybe it's because most folks got their 401k's cut in HALF during the phony financial crisis and then pulled all their money out of the market and put it in savings accounts which are now making about 0.000001% on the capital, all while the cronies continue to push the markets higher on algo hot air. Memo to CNBC, there are NO retail investors left in the markets, so the FED pump ("wealth effect") has not been felt by main street. Retail hates Wall st because they continue to see "glitches" and flash crashes and while they are entering online info to buy or sell a security they see the algo bots already starting to swarm like pirahna around the price and volume action before they actually submit their order and then always wind up in the red immediately. Facebook IPO, constant evidence of the largest firms engaged in massive fraud, etc etc etc. All the firms are in massive collusion and the "regulators" are in bed with them, the SEC is inept and in the pocket of these firms. Its a revolving door between the large firms and the SEC, they are all buddy buddy and until that ceases to exist how can you count on "regulators" to charge these cronies with crimes when they are eating salmon toast points and champagne at lunches every day with each other, toasting to the fact that they have won and are all powerful rulers of the global financial fraud neo-feudal kingdom. Its just a cesspool of fraud and manipulation and until that is washed out fully, retail is not coming back.

    • Taking out scared retail. Until big move up!

65.07-2.13(-3.17%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST