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  • ghadji ghadji Jan 27, 2014 10:49 AM Flag

    Old time bashers coming out of hibernation to bash means that

    shorts are getting desperate and pulling together all resources to push this down further.....This to me signals a bottom and now I know there's nowhere to go but up for this stock...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Nothing positive going on with the chart Ghadji. Take a look at those indices. Caught a nice early morning rally of the 200dma but could not hold in this market enviroment. Totally agree with Diamondboy. This message board is in no way shape or form to be considered a metric for the stock.

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      • Chasingthemoney;
        I made it a rule a while ago not to respond to any of Dboy's posts, so I will respond to yours instead. And please know that your posts, I do read.

        I will disagree with the opinion that this board should not be used as way for me to measure if I decide to buy or sell. As long as the shorts and bashers (and us long timers here on this board know who they are) continue to talk FSLR down, I will continue to hold or add shares. The moment they disappear, I will likely begin to take profit. As far as the chart goes, yes it is used as a decision tool to buy or sell by the day traders, but I am not that concerned with the daily or weekly performance of the chart here for the following reasons:
        1. The big boys can cause the price to move the way they want it to on low volume days and therefore push those trading strictly on the technicals to sell or to buy.
        2. I look at the company overall and it's fundamentals; Are they in good shape? Yes.
        3. I look at the sector in which the company resides in. Does this business have a great future and growth in the coming years? Yes. Is this company a leader in the sector? Yes.
        4. I look at past performance. Have the pps, revenues and profits steadily increased since it's decimation (when it traded at $12) a few years ago? Yes.

        Why would I not want to be invested in this company for the long term and continue to increase my position, specially if I would still be averaging up and not down when adding?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yes - because message board sentiment is such a reliable indicator of a stock price ! LOL Unlike, I don't know, breaking through the 200 dma ?

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