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  • tobinator00 tobinator00 Apr 27, 2003 1:04 AM Flag

    g-Prilosec Earnings Boost??

    Take out the $50.9 Million write down and last quarter you break even. ADRX posted about $16.9 Million from Schwartz for g-Prilosec in their numbers. Genpharm and ADRX each get 15% royalty. Of Genpharm's profit, PRX gets 25% of their profits. PRX said they got $5.7 Million from Genpharm due to g-Prilosec. That implies that for the Jan-Feb quarter Genpharm received $22.8 Million and ADRX got the same. If ADRX's core breaks even on $16.9 Million from the earlier quarter, it would appear the ADRX's earnings this quarter will be $5.9 Million or $0.08/share.

    One thing that puzzles me is that ADRX for January alone gets $9.4 Million from Schwartz. Is there another revenue stream I am missing that would increase ADRX's payment from Schwartz? And/Or, before PRX gets their cut of Genpharm's profits Genpharm has expenses that reduce their profit payment to PRX?

    Thanks for any replies,

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