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  • pop_n_grandee pop_n_grandee Jun 13, 2013 9:00 PM Flag


    What the hell is going on with this stock?

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    • I blame the political unrest in the region. I will continue to keep my shares however.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Got your 12 cent trade today Pop's, hope you capitalized...

    • I love the fact that we have pulled back to this point. I back my truck up and tripled my position, now it's time to move ahead Kirk!

    • i have no idea. I post email i got from Brent.

      Overall, I understand your frustration but nothing wrong with Mgmt. For whatever reason, our project is not resonating with investors and we are at a loss to know why. Appreciating your frustration, I challenge anyone as to what we should be doing that we have not already done or are currently doing.

      What we have done:
      - found the world's 2nd largest deposit and delivered a PEA Study within 16 months of discovery (unprecedented)
      - the PEA results were excellent and blew away our peers who have already issued one (only 4 projects have done so out of 150). A 3 yr. pay back and IRR of 43% was met with no fanfare from investors - why?? Were you excited with our PEA results and did you think it was an excellent buying opportunity after this release? We have no idea why it did not register but we all agree that it is a malaise market overall and a particularly brutal one for juniors.
      - we already know that we can even improve upon the already very positive results of the PEA through optimization of our metallurgy, which is being done as part of our bankable and this is very good news
      - we secured DRA, a world-class mine builder and operator, as our partner and they joined our board and they invested 2% into us due to strength of our project
      - we have also delineated the 3rd largest vanadium deposit, which is on our 100%-owned property

      What we are doing:
      - initiated phase one of our pilot plant, which is part of our full feasibility study
      - news is expected in 3 weeks which will report the first results from phase one
      - we are fully engaged in advanced discussions with off take partners, and the pilot plant will deliver the final bulk samples that they require to finalize discussions for off take
      - We are very focused on US roadshows this month - two days in NYC June 12-13 and 3 days on West Coast Jun 24-26.

      What we are doing better:

      - increasing our presence in US and Europe. Two huge markets that we need to penetrate more. Europe has a much higher tolerance for African plays. We are doing that now (as mentioned above)
      - we need to define what our project's unique selling proposition is (USP). We have brand new developments that have emerged from our pilot plant tests and we are now accelerating these understand the implications
      - we should have some significant developments to release to the market in about 4 weeks that will give our project a USP vs. all others
      - we need to sell our project in terms of it's use for end-products so investors understand why our project is 1st in class and why they should invest in us To date, our project has been marketed on it's strong technical and economic credentials and impressive as that is, it is not being understood at all by shareholders

      Mgmt is not deterred by our share price. Of course we don't like it and want it to be higher but we continue to do right things right and focus on moving the project forward in the best way forward for shareholder return.

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      • - we are fully engaged in advanced discussions with off take partners, and the pilot plant will deliver the final bulk samples that they require to finalize discussions for off take

        with this i have no idea why this stock is going down every single day. It may be just slow MM's play to get $$$ from it when they plunge it and run it up again. Together with not enough buyers around.

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