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  • retiredjamesriver retiredjamesriver Mar 18, 2004 10:14 AM Flag

    15 California Ralphs To Close

    Please post your thoughts or comments.

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    • That is the Kroger policy. When I go to do a price check and see an out of date tag, I take the tag with me, refund the money and put the tag with the form so accounting will know why I did a refund. We usually have this happen on Sunday when the sale goes on. With a store our size, it is not hard to miss some items, especially on top most or the bottom shelves.

    • A head stock toldme years ago that Kroger collects two ways on this. One-Its a write off as damaged product that can't be sold. Two-a charity write-off. Don't know about the first one but the second is right.

    • Plenty of new concepts but I can't think of a time saver,I'll have to think about that

    • I have no problems with donating these items,just 2 times a year come in disco 50 items.Loss as this seems to me could be handled in a better way.Are there no frozen food salvage brokers?Most reclaim is done this way.
      As I can tell you are not real sure about this, There are off-sale and on-sale tags.First you do the on-sale tags(run the batch not hang the tag).Yes people don't know it's on sale but when purchased will not complain about a lower price.Then pull off-sale tags and run batches to remove sale items.I will talk to the FM guy(they just had a seminar about this)I think this is at least zone wide.

    • I purchased some frozen fruit bars that rang up incorrectly from the sale sign which was up. I went to the main counter to get my difference back, which was an irrelevant amount but for some reason I suppose I figured there was a principle in there somewhere. After several minutes of effort by a few salespeople, which I was starting to get fed up with (all this sweat work over a measly dollar's difference), it was determined that the sale was over but the tag was still up so that indeed was the price. The surprising part which I didn't expect was that they refunded the whole price of the item. Evidently the policy is if it rings up wrong you get it free. It's certainly customer friendly; not sure about business-wise.

    • Then your store is haning the tags incorrectly. I guess there is always that few minutes where someone could be one step ahead of the person changing shelf tags and grab something (but how would they know the price is different at the scan than on the shelf) and take it up and then say that it scanned wrong.

      I don't see how this can be as big a problem as you two are making it to be. Think about it. Someone would have to know that an item was going to scan wrong (scan vs. tag yet to be put up) grab the item and go buy it then take the chance that they knew what it should have scanned at and request the price check...nah don't see that happening to often.

      Also, donating food to a food pantry was the unionwinsagain point. What would you have them do with discontinued items? Throwing them out would not have made money either.

    • Yes,that has been like that for a while.They run he batches then start hanging the tags.Sat. night is the best time to shop for sale items.You get this week sales and next weeks.
      Reclaim on frozen and dairy is the one that gets me. They just discontinued 8 bascarts of frozen.Just scanned it out of system and donated all to the foodbank.How are they making anything on this it beats me?

    • I agree. It's a shame it took 4 months to get the 2 tierd program accepted by the Union in California. If the rest of the unions accept a 2 tiered program, I don't believe there will be additional strikes in the near future.

    • This is why the 2 tiered system was put in place .We have it noe and I do not think it is so bad.Maybe not as good as mine in some situations,but I think better in some.I think both sides are seeking caps of some sort and this is where I think these two have the knowledge to move forward togather rather than fight

    • I truely beleive that management would like to continue provide the wages and benefits that everyone has received in the past. However, until something is done to stop the out of control Health Care increases, they can't keep absorbing the costs by increasing prices to the customers. Customers are not going to continue to shop at Kroger if the pricing gets much more out of wack versus non-union competition. They don't have the same increases to pass on because they don't offer the same level of benefits. Their costs are increasing. But not at the same rate per employee.

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