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  • thegreek26003 thegreek26003 Jul 7, 2004 10:34 AM Flag


    I soory I did not reply to your post but as of late you said you had written off YESMAN--SOY--and MYSEFL. However I did in error call the old Columbius KMA the new Michigan and really meant Great Lakes KMA. I guess I really just lost control figuring they took all the other $hit form Michigan (people) they mind as well take their name. I think last 5 big promotions came from OLD Michigan. Anyhow I do have one request from you tell "JP TO LET MY PEOPLE GO." I'm really sorry but I will start answering your posts from now on. I truly do think if you did not report posts to Vine street you would be out of a job. Remember these things in order Sales, customer service, clean stores, well stock shelves, friendly employees, varitey, and last competitive pricing pass. Please pass that along to your bosses because they sure a hell are not practising it at the present time.

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    • Greek, re-read my post and answer the questions! Quit spouting your BS. The only one listening is Jose.

      So everything and the people from Michigan are, how did you put it?

      You don't know anything about my job. You only know about your old job.

      Don't attempt to set my priorities or tell me what is important to the company I work for.

      You are ridiculous.

      I have written off your mostly insane comments but will continue to point out your errors as we go.

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      • Don't think for a minute that there's only a handful of investors who read this trend. You must also remember that this is a world form. Investors from all over the world can view of what is going on from an insiders standpoint.

        You're getting into a pissing match with both current and former employee's on a world form. This information shouldn't be discussed on here. It seems there's an endless log of problems with this company. It's nice that you feel a need to defend Kroger.

        I just have a bad feeling that for every one topic addressed on this board. There's 5 or 10 being overlooked. You must remember. The very fact that the company has a 2 % margin of profit says a lot about the people who run it.

        There's thousands of people who read this board every week. Some hold huge positions. Those complaining about the performance of this stock over the last 5 years are feeling the pain of Kroger losing billions in market cap. That also refects on those at the top.

      • Michigan people past three or four years have ended up in Cinncinati and that KMA was not the brightest light in the room. Have had Columbus (old) Columbus people tell me they thought they enter another comapmy store that was on hard times. Conditions were not the best and stores were dirty. Now this was just what I heard never been in one in Michigan.

    • Yea, Greek you are right SALES,COUSTOMER SERVICE AND CLEAN STORES AND BRING THE DEBT DOWN SO THE STOCK WILL GO HIGHER, HECK these old boys need a old fashion way of treating the employees and the people who shop there, and then you would see a new KROGER.!!

    • Forget it. Why should I bother with you. You have your old opinions and ways.

      Stick to 'em.

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      • DBROWN, you are a very intelligent individual. However, you need to step back and see that you are as far one way as GREEK is the other.

        I just have to say that the facts speak for themselves. The share price is down, worse than the market, and worse than WMT. This tells me that WMT is winning and KR is not. Corporations need to realize that business is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. Kroger, in a panicked attempt to deal with WMT, has forgotten this simple fact.

        Drive sales! and take care of the customers. The rest will follow. Some of the "old" ways do work, and that will never change.

        I will give you the fact that the "way" of getting to the goal of driving sales and taking care of the customer has changed with technology and new ideas.

        Just because I'm not with Kroger anymore, doesn't mean that I'm out of touch with retail.

      • You know if Kroger would return to the old ways and use old opinions they may just by chance increase share price. See the diffenrce between us and the way we view the comapny is really quite simple are you are still in the work force buying KR stock at a low price for retirement where there are some of us who have paid our dues to the company store and want to see the share price go up and up. That is the only difference becasue we both want the company to be sucessful just at different times. Just give me a $20 share price within the next three months.

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